Nagpur March : Judiciary failed us


Today the central city of India, Nagpur is up on the task to show Administration and Judiciary to come on tracks to be vigilant and can’t sleep when there is rape of  Nation. Nagpur does it again!

The Court verdict in Khairlanji is such disastrous that it can kill the very spirit of Nation. Dalits rights are taken for ride. If people don’t protest the verdict, it will continue to play with the rights of the people.

Khairlanji is apparently discounted by system even when the people came on the streets seeing the Mob crime against Dalits in Khairlanji, is that Judicial system is blind to take notice of the situation in Khairlanji or are they making India fool by honoring the caste crimes?

Please Join the March in Nagpur which is due to start at 12 AM.  The March will lead thru LIC square to GM office in Nagpur.

One Response to “Nagpur March : Judiciary failed us”

  1. 1 RITESH

    In India the people those who are in power they are mostly belonging to the upper caste family, and that is the reason in the judiciary level or in the political, or in the state authority / power (police, court..etc), or the role of media are the biased against the Dalits issues, because they want to impose their dictatorship on the oppressed castes. …JAY BHIM

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