Khairlanji: DADAGIRI of the Court ,Today 11 AM!


Today is 20th Sept 08 , the court has sat today for the final hearing. In an unprecedented yet black event, few of the Newspaper corespondents were forced to leave the court by the Hon Justice Das with hand gestures, without any reason. This is an aweshoking incidence in any democracy. Most suffering people in India are  most democratic, in a sense they respect the institutions utmost otherwise its easy for them to blow up the structure of democracy in no time by succumbing to several tyrannies that Caste system offers.

But the people sitting in the places (system),mostly, are carelessly & currupt , doing nothing to increase  the moral and faith of the people in structures of Democracy,  Sessions Court in Bhandara is not left out.

Even the Govt. machinery has failed to understand the constitutional rights of a common citizen in cases similar to Khairlanji (Caste conviction rates are meagre, less than 2%) . The people who are responsible to protect the law of the land are so shabbily breaking it, is serious matter of concern.

Today, after seeing  Hon Judge Das’s body gestures, the Deputy Supritendant of Police(Dy. S.P.) Mr Pratipe physically drove out  few Newspaper correspondants without any written statement or a valid reason. Dy. SP Mr Thorat went to an extent of abusing, ‘I will throw out, if you dont leave the court,’ as if the Court premises is the private property of some high ranking officials.

 Or this could be termed as frustration of the Judge and Police functionaires due to silent movement started by people. If it is so the concerned authorities are liable of punitive action !


Is this way the people of India want democracy to work? How a prejudiced Session’s court at Bhandara under Judge Das will deliver fair justice is now sheer game of probability?

Readers please respond..

One Response to “Khairlanji: DADAGIRI of the Court ,Today 11 AM!”

  1. 1 kureela

    Awake dalits and buddhist in india, throw out these barbaric ruler of India.Dr Ambedkar was alone who fought agaist the hindu might.170 millions dalits come and punish the hindu might in bhandara so no hindu will dare to kill again any Priyanka and no dass will born again to throw the dalits from the court.

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