Welcome Comment from Tarannum


Tarannum Manjul from Indian Express, whose ‘Engineer story’ was reproduced on Atrocitynews on 15th August, comments on the article. We would like our readers to go thru it. She appeals to Indian consciousness to rise up against ill practices

“Well thanks that atleast u have read and reacted to the story. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the heart of India, feudalism still reigns supreme and the need of the hour is youngsters who can free India…. once again…. after 60 years…. from the shackles of feudalism….”

Very well said Tarannum! Atrocitynews team is attempting to fathom the depths of caste psyche and we would let people know the 100% of Iceberg through related stories and analysis. We would like to see more of your work on Atrocitynews.

Thanks again .

One Response to “Welcome Comment from Tarannum”

  1. 1 lalit

    Congratulations for brave journalism !!!
    Keep up the spirit.
    Thank you for bringing highlight this issue.

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