A comment on WashingtonPost article


Globaljustice writes…

“Every hour – two dalits(‘untouchables’) are assaulted, every day three – dalit women are raped and two dalits are murdered ….two dalit houses are burnt. Urban areas are also not immune from such atrocities” (Govt of India reports)

Emily Wax came up with a detailed report on the efforts that target global employment competition for youth from section of society who had lost opportunities to caste mindsets. The outsourcing and global market has provided space for higher castes but large section i. e. 250 million population is still far away from these benefits of globalization due to caste and untouchability practices. I too see threat to America due to work immigration from the fundamentalist forces and I don’t see global exposure to few number (for 3-4 years )of ‘untouchables’ will create any impact on US economy. One may know that Hindu fundamentalist organization who proudly claim themselves as Nazi decedents, such funding organization were banned in UK but they are florishing in USA(Ref. http://stopfundinghate.org/resources/).

They are raising funds in the name of poor from US corporate and Indian higher castes; but these money goes for continuing inequality in India and raising communal violence.And most importantly they are also involved in killing Christian minorities and banning religious conversion. Martin Luther King has rightly observed ‘injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere’. One may not be bothered about largest number of people being killed in India by TB and similar other dieases but gloabl economic forces are supporting AIDS as it may cut across global borders. Similarly Caste or Racial discrimination is same and it will spread across globe provided we maintain status quo without taking adequate preventive measures.

Recent efforts in European commission, UK parliament and US senate has shown the positive steps by recognizing the caste as a form of discrimination. They appealed multinational corporate or government and non government funding agencies operating in India to have recognization of caste as a form of discrimination in their policy. The global market of 250 million in India and 300 million in SouthAsia if continued to be discriminated based on their caste; this will affect the corporate growth. We also cant deny the threat to corporate world from this huge customers base from lower castes. Dr. Manmohan Singh became first Indian Prime minister to recognize the issue of ‘untouchability’ and confirmed that it has severity at par with apartheid system. And also recognized that government has failed to keep up the rights of ‘untouchables’ who are victimized since 3000 years old caste system. There are research on Indian diaspora abroad still continue to marry within their caste as it happens in India with 99% cases. This help to sustain this system. Fridman in his best selling book ‘World is Flat’ mentioned about how the world is unflat for India’s ‘Untouchable’ and they remain untouchable and away from the fruits of globalization.

We as a global civil society and globalized world are moving forward with positive steps and now Multinationals operating in India are coming forward to recognize need for affirmative action policy for ‘untouchables’ and taking strong efforts to eradicate caste system. This will become essential as to avoid deterioration of economic and social growth due to this killing disease.

May all being be happy !!! And Peace will prevail !!! “

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