Dalit girl killed in Police custody; Castevirus 08UP2007


Mystery shrouds the death of 17-year-old Dalit girl Seema, who reportedly died after she was detained at the Gaur Police Station on August 15. Sources said the incident took place on August 15. Police had found Seema, a resident of Jagdishpur village, wandering near the Gaur Police Station and detained her for questioning. After interrogating her overnight, the police officers asked her family to take her back.

But her family claimed that Seema died under mysterious circumstances just after returning home on Thursday. Members of the Dalit community in Basti said that the police officers are hiding facts and suspected foul play. However, the police officers in Gaur thana have a different story to tell. They claimed that she consumed some poisonous substance.

Additional Superintendent of Police Ashok Shukla, while talking to Newsline said, “The beat constables of Gaur police station had found Seema wandering near the railway station on August 15. Suspecting her intentions, they detained her. After interrogating her overnight, the station officer had sent two constables to verify her home address.” “Following which her father, Subhkaran, and uncle, Shivkaran, came to the police station and we had handed over the girl to them. Late in the evening, her parents along with some villagers came to the police station and informed that Seema had died,” he added.

He said that the post-mortem report had stated that she had consumed poison, and there was no signs of rape or torture. Denying the claim, Seema’s family members demanded a high-level enquiry into the incident. Ram Dularey, a Dalit Community activist, said that Seema was not found wandering near the railway track but was taken away forcefully by some constables. He asked that why was she detained inside the police station for the whole night in the absence of any female officer.

Her uncle Shivkaran said that on Thursday morning some policemen came to their village and told them that they had found Seema near the railway tracks. “They asked us to come to the police station and take her away. On reaching the police station, we found her sitting quietly in a corner,” he said . “When we brought her back to our house she didn’t speak to us and by evening she was dead. When we informed the police, they said she had committed suicide and took away her body,” lamented Subhkaran.

Source: IndianEXpress

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