Shot in the arm: UP govt makes affirmative stand; Indian corporate world shakes


The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Km. Mayawati has took a new initiative by providing voluntary reservation in the jobs of industrial units set up with the assistance of State Government, educational institutions, infrastructure facilities, service sector projects and disinvested units. With this initiative, a new chapter will be opened in the private sector by the contract voluntarily. This historical step has been taken for the first time by any State Government in the direction of providing reservation to different sections society. In a cabinet meeting held yesterday presided over by the Chief Minister Km. Mayawati an important decision has been taken, under which those industrial units and projects in which State Government or any of its departments or agency has provided the land, grant, property or any other assistance or facility, arrangement has been done for making contract for voluntary reservation in such units. Keeping in view the meagre employment opportunities in government sector, it is an important and positive step for creating employment. This has gained more importance in view of setting up of new industrial units and projects in private and other sectors on a large scale in the future. Under this new arrangement the industrial unit or project having the assistance or facility given by the government will provide 10 per cent employment to scheduled caste, 10 per cent to O.B.C and backward religious minorities, besides the 10 per cent to economically weaker people belonging to upper castes and these sections will also get the benefit of reservation through a contract in private sector. Abolishing the arrangement of unemployment allowance on the formation of her government, Km. Mayawati had said that her government would create employment opportunities on a large scale instead of providing alms to the youths of the State.



At Atrocitynews, its always been focus to highlight the issues of rights of those who suffering the most in India. But it is also true that only higlighting the issues is not the complete solution. The chords of right instrument should be plucked.The first decision making & implementing body i.e. the government must act upon and negate the flow of socialy flawed process. Quality governance is always been key issue in India due to unhealthy heirachical caste system. But history of India reveals that the people who suffer the most have ability to understand the suffering most and they work towards eliminating it. Dr Ambedkar tansformed millions of lives in present and future generations with his lifetime deeds. Here again we see BSP as a force  is emerging in political areana, its will to drive social justice agenda and arrive at overall Nation happiness does not limit it merely to a Dalit political outfit but spreads it reach to enitre lengths and breadth of the nation making it more open to common man. The long pending decision on affirmative action in Private sector is spearheadly put forth by the BSP team. All  credit goes to UP govt and its leadership.

We also saw in this year European resolution, UK parliament discussion & American congress resolution on Ambedkar Principles. One can positively say that World is preparing for global affirmative action as it wants to dwell in happiness. 250 million dalits are more than the size of UK population;their cretaive integration to economy through Ambedkar Principles, no doubt, can contribute to world well being in magnificient way. Making global netizens aware of it is required in true sense.

Indian parliament still mum on affirmative policy in private sector; but BSP has fired this salvo, lets hope it hits in right area!

Atrocitynews is being late to report this event but fire is still there, so we would like to invite Reader comments on ill statements by Indian corporate barons that they would retract their businesses from UP provinces; how sad? These corporate bosses have inflicted with caste virus into their blood veins. They have been fuging long these years and shying away from affirmative policies quoting reason that it would cut down quality of labour in production drastically. Atrocitynews team wonders if they have any substantial documentation or research to prove the point.  However reverse is more true.The diversity at workplace increases productivity is what observed not only by ILO (international Labour Organisation) but also mentioned clearly in analytics of quite a few articles of Harwad Business Review (A bible in Management World). So why is the worry? The relevance of any sector whether its private or public lies in overall development of all sections of society. Its so simple.

The process of positive affimative action is unending till the bottom of the lowest of the lower level in caste system gets its right.

3 Responses to “Shot in the arm: UP govt makes affirmative stand; Indian corporate world shakes”

  1. 1 Pravin Khobragade

    Thats good news. Other States should follow.

  2. 2 Tej Singh Kumar

    The Brahmins as a ruling class since independence make hay by providing jobs to the Caste Hindus and particularly the Brahmins. The result is before us that we see Brahmins or the Caste Hindus has occupied the top posts in India. It is solely by virtue of the Brahmins from Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru to Pt. Atal Bihari Bajpayee being at the helms of the affairs. They did it or achieved it without any sort of reservation to the Caste Hindus and the Brahmins in particular!

    In similar fashion, Mulayam Singh Yadav has come out with booty (Government jobs) to his own Caste boys. It is said that he preferred Yadavas to any other Caste and resultantly he has filled up the posts with the Yadavas more than that the reservations.

    It is clear that SAMARATH KO NAHIN DOSH GUSAIN. The man or woman in power need not to go buy the directives if he or she has the guts to do something for his or her community. Others alike Congress Party which used to believe in stunts had played stunts so far as our people were concerned. Under the Shadow of the Brahmins, the Lady in Uttar Pradesh has adopted the same tactics to fool poor dalits/Backwards and even the Muslims!
    If one will try to read her proclamation carefully, he will certainly find that nothing is going to be given by the Corporate Section to our people because they do not depend on the help of the Government concerned rather they used to grease the palms of its rulers in a big quantity..

  3. 3 Abhijeet M

    Tis is a good initative taken by Mayawati…this will definetly help the people ,,,,,especially from small villages to alleviate their life, this will help them to show their skills, otherwise it was not possible for them to show their talent since hypocrites cry of merit….now let they will understand what merit means.

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