Dalit excellence D01AE2007: He donates $ 20million


An Indian American, who made millions as a neurosurgeon and lived a lavish life – once owning a Rolls-Royce – five Mercedes-Benzes and an airplane has donated $20 million (Dh75.2 million) to his native village in Kerala.

Dr Kumar Bahuleyan, 81, who was born to a Dalit familly in India, decided to donate his personal fortune as a gratitude to his village, to establish a neurosurgery hospital, a health clinic and a spa resort in Chemmanakary, in Kottayam district of Kerala. “I was born with nothing; I was educated by the people of that village, and this is what I owe to them,” Bahuleyan said in Buffalo where he has lived since 1973.

“I’m in a state of nirvana, eternal nirvana,” he said. “I have nothing else to achieve in life. This was my goal, to help my people. I can die any time, as a happy man.” The urge to do something for his village arose some 20 to 25 years ago, when Bahuleyan returned to Chemmanakary and was struck by how little it had changed.


One Response to “Dalit excellence D01AE2007: He donates $ 20million”

  1. Great Work!
    I dont know if any individual in this world who did similar act.


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