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Bottom of the caste system, the entrepreneurial drive of the Dalits used to be stifled. But slowly that’s all changing, writes Richard Orange in Mumbai   Stepping on to the factory floor of Suryatech Solar Systems is a test of faith. A welded patchwork of rusting scrap has been used to make a second mezzanine […]

Pic01 Savi Sawarkar, excellance beyond par By Vidya Bhushan Rawat   Every time Savi Savarkar wanted to exhibit his paintings at the Ravindra Bhawan at the Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi, the hidden agenda of the Hindutva ensured that he does not get space for his paintings.  After many efforts he got permission to exhibit those […]

Virtually admitting that its mistake, Maharashtra Government is taking back fake ‘gold’ medals from the recipients of Vasantrao Naik Krishi Bhushan and Jijamata Award. The government has taken back the medal from Dadaji Ramaji Khobragade, a farmer from Nagbhid tehsil of Chandrapur district, and the process is on to get back medals from other recipients. […]

An encouraging report on  Atul Paswan from NDTV. * Thirty-one-year old Atul Paswan has successfully changed what many may have said was his destiny. A Dalit from Siwan district in Bihar three years ago, the village schoolteacher’s son set up a software company in Bangalore. Pic01 Atul PAswan Indo-Skura Software Private Limited is perhaps the first […]

World famous magazine ‘Newsweek’ publishes ranked eight powerfull women in a report ‘Women and Leadership: My Journey to the Top’. These eight women come from many different backgrounds, but they all had big dreams. The path to power meant facing obstacles and their biggest fears. The first Indian to figure in it is BSP Leader Mayawati; this is rarest […]

The Indian Carvar, a Dalit farmer Dadaji Khobragade has been awarded by Govt Of India with President’s Medal last month as part of the Krishi Bhushan Award after so many afforts from himself and friends, At Atrocitynews, we thank all of those  who could made Govt. OF India see his lustre. Pic: Poor ScientistIndian carvar, DRK  in […]

Click here and find inspiration from an unsung Hero who having seen poverty and caste-virus to its depth so neatly chooses to fight against corruption and politico-criminal nexus after coming to power, a story very naturally reported by Shivam Viz  in Tehalaka.  The solid efforts to create New-India are on the way in Uttar Pradesh under […]