60 years Caste enjoys freedom; virus 07UP2007


India gained political freedom on the eve of 15th Agust1947; exactly 60 years back. It was freedom to elect own government by casting the vote, the government who will be more responsible to its people than just being stable. If we see general scenario how much political freedom has helped  common man atleast to dream and to train into the principles of good civilisation i.e. liberty, equality and fraternity is still a big  question? At that point of time i.e in 1947, Dr Ambedkar, chief architect of Indian constitution warned of bloody consequences if Young India does not pay heed to historic ineqality in all spheres of Indian life and if governance here does not work to instituionalise in the minds of people notions of social democracy. Today India is badly bleeding due to inequlity based on caste system; its not that it was not there but its because now information is making people realise that its Indian reality. Whatever be; the efforts to highlight caste based atrocities are effective in making Indian consciousness aware and fight against it in a very subtle yet indirect manner.

Today the  red fort area is clean and Indian Prime Minister will address from there, but how many of us know who had cleaned those roads in the morning? Its none other than sisters from specific caste background called Dalits. Are we going to sit back and enjoy what PM says? NO it will only deliver the premonitions, unhealthy for Worlds biggest democracy. Lets make a resolve today on 15th August to clean this obnoxious caste virus from minds. Caste sytem has not only killed creativity of many but has killed people only for the sake of preserving superiority of birthbased identity. Lets free us from the bonds of caste. Lets help those who are suffering the most from ages due to caste shakles. Lets not say no to positive affirmative actions. Material and psychological poverty in India is direct outcome of caste system. Do you agree ? No; Just read the following news published in Indian Express today and check your response. Atrocitynews thanks Tarannum Manjul for brining up this pungent yet real story on the eve of 15th August.


First villager to get into an engg college, killed by upper-caste men


This Independence Day, there are black flags all over Bhadevra in Pratapgarh.
Anger is boiling over, a fortnight after the first Dalit boy from the village who got into a professional college was killed allegedly by upper-caste men.Villagers say Chakrasen Gautam was killed because he was a Dalit and because he made it to the Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology in Allahabad.

The police first named a dead man as prime accused, arrested two Dalits after the villagers protested. The two accused, Santosh Mishra and Akash Dubey, are still absconding.

It was a journey of hope and hard work that was cut short. Chakrasen was 22 and he was doing his BA while preparing for his Uttar Pradesh Technical University entrance exam. He worked to pay for his education and was killed when he came home to take money to pay his fees in the engineering college.

“He was one of the most brilliant boys in the village and spoke English as good as any city-bred boy,” says the village pradhan, Shivnath Yadav.

Chakrasen was murdered allegedly by Mishra and Dubey when he went for a morning walk on August 1. Both Dubey and Mishra and the Gautams have been fighting over a PDS shop for ten months. “They could not bear the fact that a Dalit became the ration shop owner instead of them,” says Shivmurti Gautam, 70, Chakrasen’s grandfather. “They often used to forcibly take foodgrains from my shop, would not pay and would sell it in their shop at a higher rate,” he says.

When Chakrasen heard about this, he said he would come to the village every month to oversee the sale and ensure that every villager got his PDS quota. “Santosh and Akash often used to fight with bhaiya for this,” says his youngest brother Shaktisen. The family says they got even more angry when he got admission to the engineering college. “Santosh and Akash threatened me that Chakrasen would never be able to become an engineer,” says his mother Rajkumari, who struggled to bring up the children after their father’s death.

Chakrasen was tied up, dragged and stabbed with a screwdriver and beaten with sticks. When his family heard about the incident, they rushed to the spot. “My brother took the names of Santosh and Akash before he died,” says Shaktisen.

The family alleges that the local police is trying to shield the accused. They named Matadin, who died five years ago, as main accused and recorded Santosh’s father’s name as Ram Narain Mishra instead of Hriday Narayan Mishra. They arrested two Dalits after the protests from locals but Mishra and Dubey are absconding.

When contacted, Director General of Police (DGP) Uttar Pradesh Vikram Singh said that the accused will be arrested soon. “We will issue non-bailable warrants against the main accused and if they are still not caught, we will offer rewards (for information on them). The state will not tolerate such incidents and whosoever is the accused, they will be arrested,” he said

Source: Indian express

2 Responses to “60 years Caste enjoys freedom; virus 07UP2007”

  1. 1 Tarannum Manjul

    Hi. Well thanks that atleast u have read and reacted to the story. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In the heart of India, feudalism still reigns supreme and the need of the hour is youngsters who can free India…. once again…. after 60 years…. from the shackles of feudalism….

    Tarannum Manjul

  2. Congratulations for brave journalism !!!
    Keep up the spirit.
    Thank you for bringing highlight this issue.


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