Dalit women chasing for justice over years in TN


Even Dalits threatened to lodge the police complaints against Caste Hindu; they are growing courage to go against Caste Hindus for imposing caste-based atrocities. The state Tamil Nadu ranked in top ten for reporting the caste based atrocity cases as per the NCSC data. While, behind the scenes there are ample of cases that go unreported and hand in hand unjustified.

A survey conducted by Evidence, a Madurai-based NGO estimates that Dalit women are chasing for their justice. 124 Dalit women courageously registered their caste-atrocities, including sexual assault and rape, nevertheless merely one case has ended in conviction, the accused were arrested in 74 cases and 40 women have received compensation.

The organization has carried out survey, between January 2009 and August 2013, across 22 districts in the state. Executive Director of Evidence, A Kathir claimed, “Though they made representation for their cases with the DSP, SP, District Collector, State and National Human Rights Commission and the Women Commission, the victims never even got five per cent remedy in the cases.”

Mr. Kathir expresses concern over the dealing of the authorities over atrocity cases. He said, according to the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act, the officer in the rank of DSP has to investigate the case, but in many cases, only the local inspector investigates.


3 Responses to “Dalit women chasing for justice over years in TN”

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  2. Although Tamilnadu ranks No: 3 most developed states in India according to the Raghuram Rajan report, this report of compiled atrocities as per NCSC data that TN is among the top 10 states for incidents of atrocities reported against Dalits goes to show the dichotomy in our society. Shame on us!

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