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Condemn this brutal murder! Punish the casteist culprits, for the ghastly murder of a dalit boy! Friends, I am shocked and immensely pained at the news of the brutal murder of a dalit boy from Khanapur in Manthani mandal, Peddapalli district, Manthani Madhukar, for his “crime” of loving an “upper caste” girl or reciprocating her […]

Protecting citizens against the discrimination, the representatives of the 28 countries in the European Parliament (EP) on 10 October 2013 adopted a strong resolution condemning caste discrimination. The EP advocates European Union institutions to strengthen its policy on the issue. The committee on Development (DEVE) has prepared the motion for a resolution and its draft […]

By Abhay Dongre “As Hindus migrate to other regions of the earth, Indian caste would become a world problem”- Dr. B.R.Ambedkar It was a regular pub in the teeming Indian quarter of London otherwise known as Southall, but on the wall someone had scrawled, “Chamars and dogs not allowed.” – London-1992 On 4th March 2013, […]