Patna HC employing Khap policy for verdict!


The Bihar state government has assured that Laxmanpur-Bathe massacre case will file an appeal in the Supreme Court. Again the journey for tentative justice will begin ‘newly’ for the 16-year-old massacre case.

The trial of 1997 atrocity case was already begin 11 years late after the High Court issued multiple fresh instructions at the end of 2008. Out of total 50 accused sent up for trail, 44 lastly faced trial, some were released and some have died in the meantime. 13 years later in 2010, the session court sentenced death to 16 persons and life sentence to 10 after found guilty in massacre. Though they convicted earlier the Patna High Court acquits them all on October 9, 2013.

Some Dalit intellectuals and activists found Patna High Court is similar to Khap Panchayat which has set the verdict pattern to freed and sustain accused from higher caste. The Times of India reports that, “In the last one and a half years, all the major mass crimes against Dalits adjudicated by the Patna High Court have resulted in the acquittal of almost all the accused persons belonging to the outlawed Ranbir Sena.” And all four major cases booked under the Prevention of atrocities Act reversed in the favor of Ranbir Sena.

Writing in The Hindu on 15 October professor and director, Council for Social Development Kalpana Kannabiran expressed agony, “Why not Khairlanji? Why not Karamchedu? Why not Laxmanpur-Bathe? Why does this country not come to a grinding halt in the face of atrocity of the worst kind? Justice can only be said to be done when those that are most vulnerable are able to access it without difficulty. It is our collective failure and a national shame that we allow the space for this travesty again and yet again.”



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