Who need temples?

Pic1 Untouchable prohibited in temples

Pic1 Untouchable prohibited in temples

The picture in between shows the wretched face of caste-system in India. It’s an offence to restrict temple entry for any under article 25 & 26 of Indian Constitution; somebody inform to those hermits. Are they genuine hermits or recluses who did not devoid from thoughts of touch-untouchability, material enticement and whom draws social bliss?

It’s unfortunate despite an adoption of Constitution in quarter of twentieth century, untouchables (Dalits) are still not allowed to put a foot in the temple in some part of the country such as Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Odisha. After adopting constitution, most of the states enacted laws to protect the right of the untouchables to enter in the temple. Many religious places have opened doors to untouchables.

Though Prime ministerial election candidate Mr. Narendra Modi estimates development of Gujarat, an evil practice of forbidding Dalits entry in temple still persist in villages of Gujarat.  Earlier in February this year around 4 Dalit families of Galsana village, Dhandhuka taluka in Ahmedabad district of Gujarat demanded the police protection to dare to enter in the temple.

S.R.Harnot, noted writer in Himachal Pradesh field FIR against the management of well-known Markendeya Temple in Bilaspur  for discriminating displaying board banning entry of Dalits and Scheduled Castes.

The National Commission for Scheduled Castes recently received complaints of “no entry” in about 35 temples and religious shrines in Himachal Pradesh.

Article 25 in the Indian Constitution grants of religious liberty, it said, “All persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practice and perform religion.” Even Article 26 (b) provides “freedom to manage religious affairs ….every religious denomination or any section thereof… the right…to manage its own affairs in matters of religion.”



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