Demand for Strong (Caste) equality legislature in UK !


Demanding the Government to bring the Equality Act 2010 into force to guarantee the protection against caste-based discrimination in the UK, the demonstration of thousands of thousands of protesters from every corner of London led Hyde Park to Prime Minister’s residence.

The British government has passed the Equality Act in 2010 still over three years the government has not confirmed when the Act’s Caste Discrimination provision will come into force. On this backdrop protest rally was organized by Caste Watch UK with the support of over 60 organizations.

The demonstrators protesting in front of Prime Minister David Cameron’s residence strongly demanded for immediate implementation of the legislation agreed in April 2013 to provide legal protection to the victims of caste-based discrimination.

Organizations representing communities, religious faith, political parties, human right groups and NGOs, men, women and young-old everyone was actively supporting caste legislation waving placards bearing slogan such as ‘Down with Caste System’, “We want freedom now”, ”We want equality” and many more.





One Response to “Demand for Strong (Caste) equality legislature in UK !”

  1. Caste is murderous.

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