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The picture in between shows the wretched face of caste-system in India. It’s an offence to restrict temple entry for any under article 25 & 26 of Indian Constitution; somebody inform to those hermits. Are they genuine hermits or recluses who did not devoid from thoughts of touch-untouchability, material enticement and whom draws social bliss? […]

Sneha, an eleven-year-old Dalit orphan girl haunting for last three months to get her caste certificate if not she would not be allowed to continue her studies in the school as the headmaster strictly warned her. She has written the petition on Monday to the collector appealing to take immediate steps to issue her document. […]

“From a lawyer to a school teacher, amateur actors in Manu-Kalank to tell the story of Dalit killings with a moral”, reports Anosh Malekar & Pia Chandavarkar     It is a play on one of the most violent incidents of Dalit killings in Maharashtra, but what the Prabuddha Rang Bhoomi’s ‘Manu-Kalank’, a play in Marathi, wants […]

‘India Untouched!- Stories of a People Apart’ will exclusively screened in Mumbai, Hurry up!!  The filmmaker will be present for discussion. Day : Friday 25th May | Time: 6.30 pm Venue:  Bhupesh Gupta Bhawan, 85 Sayani Rd, Prabhadevi (diagonally across from Rabindra Natya Mandir) Film Name: INDIA UNTOUCHED- Stories of a People Apart 110 minutes. […]

INDIA UNTOUCHED will make it impossible for anyone in India to deny that Untouchability is still practiced today. Director Stalin K. and his team spent four years traveling the length and breadth of India to bear witness to the continued exclusion and segregation of those considered as ‘Untouchables’ . The film introduces leading Benares scholars […]