Superstitious politician murders Dalit minor | Castevirus 004 TN 2011


Straight about two months after, in New Year, an awful incident would be completed two years but the Dalit hamlet of Kachakatti village in Madurai district can never forget that dark day of full moon night. The dead body of five-year-old Dalit girl with slit throat and the left eye dig out was found the next day of New Year 2011. The body was wrapped in a plastic and thrown into a cattle shed. A minor girl was sacrificed to strengthen the going construction of new women’s college of Education there.

She was murdered to offer human sacrifice in a superstitious belief that after sprinkling the blood of the eldest child in a family at construction site will give the structure life and enduring strength.

Shockingly, mastermind was DMK leader Ayub Khan, 52, a former Vadipatti Union DMK secretary. After an investigation he was arrested year later in April 2012 along with his accomplices’ broker Murugesan, 54, and T. Ponnusami, 22. While other two convicted Karuppu and Mahamuni were died interim. Mahamuni was said died in the hospital due to illness under police observation. And Karuppu was said to have cut his tongue while in police custody. After admitted to general hospital he allegedly slipped out and leaped to his death from the second floor of the hospital.

Ayub Khan was a general council member of the DMK when arrested. He was also a former deputy chairman of the Madurai District Panchayat.

According to police, Khan admitted that he asked Murugesan for 2.5 litres of blood of the first child in a family. He wanted to sprinkle the blood to perform rituals for the ongoing construction of his women’s college of Education. Khan said the deal was fixed in 8.5 lakh. Lured with the huge offer Murugesan instructed Ponnusamy to arrange the child. And then Ponnusamy convinced Karuppu and Mahamuni to commit murder.

Victims of human sacrifice are often strangers or those from the marginalized sections of society said the human right activist in Tamil Nadu.

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