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Talking earlier this week to a 100 very bright and very young students at the nascent Ashoka University, I asked if they thought of their country as India, Bharat or Hindustan. The answer, from a young woman, came fast: “India”. She spoke, I think, for everyone of them drawn from different parts of India and […]

Straight about two months after, in New Year, an awful incident would be completed two years but the Dalit hamlet of Kachakatti village in Madurai district can never forget that dark day of full moon night. The dead body of five-year-old Dalit girl with slit throat and the left eye dig out was found the […]

Mr Sandeep Dongre, VP of a Mobile Company writes how merit is fooled around. He also thinks let the only generation of Brahmins miss the education train and then see the ‘merit’ in the succeeding generations. Please read how does he tear out assumptions of merit. * A job or a seat in a college […]

Developing countries are the least racially tolerant, survey says, which claims western countries are most tolerant in the world where population would accept the neighbor of a different race. The global social attitude measured by World Value Survey over three decades. It was studied in 80 different countries to identify racial attitudes of individuals. The […]

The picture in between shows the wretched face of caste-system in India. It’s an offence to restrict temple entry for any under article 25 & 26 of Indian Constitution; somebody inform to those hermits. Are they genuine hermits or recluses who did not devoid from thoughts of touch-untouchability, material enticement and whom draws social bliss? […]

Atrocity commits when discrimination exits. Samakalvi Iyakkam-Tamil Nadu (SKI-TN) organization, which fighting against the Child Right Violation raised the issue here in public hearing. In a concept note of, organization pointed to the high prevalence of child labor as a result of caste discrimination and abject poverty which had also resulted in a high dropout […]