Tributes to martyrs of Khairlanji Massacre


Even after the period of 7 years, the memories of Khairlanji Massacre are fresh in the minds of the Ambedkarites which is revealed by the grief and fervour with which they expressed their tributes to members of Bhotmange family, Surekha, Priyanka, Sudhir and Roshan who were bludgeoned to death by the caste people on 29th September, 2006. The genocide which was carried by the upper caste people from village of Khairlanji provoked fierce protests from Buddists and Dalits due to which the CBI was called to investigate the murders which took place in the twilight of the fateful day seen by the whole village of around 800 people. However, only a couple of witnesses came forward notably from Schedule Tribes Community foremost among them Suresh Khandate and Mukesh Pusam. They both still live in the village oblivious to the threat given by the culprits when they carried the dead bodies of all the victims on the fateful day. When the newsrepublic team visited them on the occasion, they told that they do not feel fear of living in the village and they cannot think of getting rehabilitated elsewhere since their agricultural land lies adjacent to the village. They expressed their dissatisfaction over the remission of death penalty to life imprisonment for six of the convicts and hoped that the original punishment would stand intact in the Supreme Court where the case is still pending.

The Highlights of the program were:

  1. There were large numbers of Amekarites from all walks of life to pay tributes to the victims of Khairlanji Massacre. Samata Sainik Dal, Akhil Bhartiya Dhammasena and Republican Panthers were the organizations responsible for conducting the event.
Pic1 Samta Sainik Dal

Pic1 Samta Sainik Dal

2. Firstly, the people went to Deolgaon to pay obeisance to the cemetery of the Bhotmange Family. They offered ‘Buddha Vandana’ and Samata Sainik Dal performed Salutation to the martyrs.


3. Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange garlanded the pictures of his deceased family members with the desolate look and expressed dissatisfaction over the shabby construction of the graveyard.

Pic3 Bhaiyalal Bhotmange garlanding late Surekha Bhotmabge's picture

Pic3 Bhaiyalal Bhotmange garlanding late Surekha Bhotmabge’s picture

Pic 3.1 Dr. Sanjay Jivane reciting gatha & paying tribute

Pic 3.1 Dr. Sanjay Jivane reciting gatha & paying tribute

4. The children too remembered the martyrs along with their mothers to commemorate ghastly caste violence. They were getting attuned the stark realities of Modern India!  Image

5.The villagers of Khairlanji watched all the function from the distance but they neither came nearer nor paid their tributes from the distance. It’s true in the Indian Context that the Caste does not leave the person even after his/her death!!


2 Responses to “Tributes to martyrs of Khairlanji Massacre”

  1. Constitution ki Dhajjiya uda dene wali yeh wardaat huye thi, lekin es case me justce ka entazaar kar te kar te Bhotmange bhi chala gaya, sharm ati hai Aise Discrimination karne wale insaan dekh kar, aur Aise ghatnaye har roj kahi Na kahi hote hai…lekin koi wardaat samne ati hai to koi ati nahi…Jab Tak fundamental rights & Freedom Of Expression ki Dhajjiya uda dene wali Government jab tak ati Rahenge aisa hi Anyay dalito par hota rahega…secular soch rakhne wali Government ki jarurat hai es desh ko…
    From:-Dalit Kranti Sanghatana
    Founder & President
    “Krantikari Jai Bhim “

    • This is why Dalit Ambedkar demanded a separate country, not Quota/Reservations as per

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