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The thoughtful write-up from Sandeep Dongre with the notion of Dalit upliftment without Ambedkarism is not a possibility. Writer is a Vice President at a reputed mobile company in South region, India. * 13-14th Oct 2013. Lacks of Dalits from all over India gathered in Nagpur to celebrate a much less known event- The conversion […]


An article of the day from Tehelka To know the course India could have taken, we only need to take a look at our neighbourhood. Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan and Afghanistan all have Manuvaadi social hierarchies similar to India, but in the absence of an Ambedkar and his socio-political philosophy, which found superb articulation in […]

Atrocitynews takes highest pleasure in providing its readers with enlightened correspondence of Father of Modern India, Dr B R Ambedkar with Burmese Buddhist delegations. The writtings were relevant that time and they are also relevant today.  Otherwise sleeping on the margins of hypocrisy present  ruling party in India should find some readymade tips in acting fast; The Govt of India […]