Indian the most racist


Developing countries are the least racially tolerant, survey says, which claims western countries are most tolerant in the world where population would accept the neighbor of a different race.

The global social attitude measured by World Value Survey over three decades. It was studied in 80 different countries to identify racial attitudes of individuals. The survey asked respondents to what kind of people they would not want as a neighbor and counted on responses; neglect or chose the option ‘people of a different race’.

India is second most racially intolerant country with 43.5 per cent followed by Jordan where 51.4 per cent of people responds negative for other racial next to them.

While, western countries are more likely to accept the neighbor of diverse race. Britain, USA, Canada and Australia are countries where most population have broken the racial lines and accepted equality. Only 3.8 per cent of respondents showed the sign of racism.

Pic 01 Map Shows the least and most tolerate countries in the world.

Pic 01 Map Shows the least and most racist countries in the world.

Since the immigration issue causes the racial tension, the Middle East is not so tolerant.

Europe shows the wide variation in racial tolerance. The skilled, better-educated Western European nations are appeared more tolerant compared to eastern. Likely 22.7 per cent French population is reluctant with other cultures in neighbor.

The survey data may vary little as if honesty about racial tolerance changes with persons, countries and decades.  The survey that has been collected the global social attitudes and opinions for decades, reported by the Washington Post.

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