9th anniversary of Khairlanji: Don’t expect Justice in caste India


Today is 29th September..it’s a day when khairlanji massacre happened in the year 2006. The case is still pending in the Supreme Court of India.

The supreme court was pleased to issue notices to all accused therein in the year 2010, thereafter CBI almost took nearly 4 years years to complete the procedure. During this time one accused died in jail, last year on 14th August the matter came before Justice Thakur and Justice Banumati..

Pic01: Students lying on street during separate Khairlanji protests in Mumbai and Delhi..

Pic01: Students lying on streets during a Khairlanji protests in Mumbai, another separate protest in Delhi was organised on 29th Sept 2015..

The Supreme Court admitted appeal and ordered   that let the matter be place when it turns come, after an inquiry. However the present case status is that there are no further orders of listing. We need to make the the govt and CBI’s counsels responsible for the case. Please remember it is huge fight against the Brahmnic Social Order of 200o years.

In remembrance of Khairlanji, Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai held a meeting to commemorate this incident. Present on the occasion were leading activist and Dalit writer Urmila Pawar, along with activist and publisher of Vidrohi magazine Sudhir Dhawale, and Dr. Suryakant Waghmore, author of Civility Against Caste.

Four members of the Bhotmange family – A  Buddhist family residing in the village Khairlanjhi were killed in full viewof the entire village on September 29, 2006. Mother Surekha, daughter Priyanka (19yrs), son Sudhir (17 yrs) working in a town nearby and blind son Roshan (18 yrs). The two women were dragged out of their house by some women from the peasant OBC families of the village and taken to the centre of the village near the panchayat office. On the way they were, beaten and their clothes torn in the process. There they were tied to a bullock cart stripped and beaten and their private parts injured with blunt weapons. The two sons rushed to their defence but they too were caught and thrashed and plummeted around like a football. The reason being the rise and excellence into education by Buddhists Girls which is looked down by land lord Upper caste Hindus as challenge to caste India.

The protest that went throughout India which was not covered by any news media house but by individual citizens through social media.

2 Responses to “9th anniversary of Khairlanji: Don’t expect Justice in caste India”

  1. 1 Communal Award

    If I were Ambedkar I’d have given Licensed Pistols to all Untouchable/Dalit through Indian Constitution for self-defense/resist oppression;

    • 2 Palaniappan

      Dr.Ambedkar did not advocate gun culture or violence.

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