Despite rape, She gets First Class. Where is merit? Castevirus004HR2015


Hissar: Haryana

Her Hindi exam was scheduled for 18 September 2012, nine days after they raped her. There were 12 of them; eight raped her, four stood guard and someone thought it would be fun to make a video.

Dabra village, where she lived, is less than 15km from the township of Hisar, her nani’s home. The girl took a shared autorickshaw and was walking the remainder of the short distance when a car with eight men crammed inside stopped. She was pulled in. They took her to a secluded stone shelter adjoining the fields where they were joined by four others on motorcycles.

Ironically, it was the video clip that eventually led to the arrest of the eight who were visible in it (the other four who couldn’t be seen were never arrested). Four of those eight were sentenced eight months later by a sessions court to life imprisonment. Four were acquitted for lack of evidence. Outraged and angry, her father, a gardener, wanted to lodge a first information report with the police. According to a fact-finding report facilitated by the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR), the father was told by Dabra village elders that if he persisted, the boys would make the video public. Some reports suggest that the father was even shown the video. Later that day, he drank pesticide and killed himself.

Dabra erupted in protest. For three days, members of the Dalit community, to which the girl belongs, refused to cremate the father’s body until arrests were made. Finally, on 21 September, the police arrested eight of those accused—all higher caste boys from the Jat community. A day later, the father was cremated.

The girl’s next paper, English, was scheduled for 24 September and it is a testimony to her courage that she appeared for it. “I got over 65% in it,” she says, allowing herself a small smile. When she finally cleared all papers, she did so with a first division..


2 Responses to “Despite rape, She gets First Class. Where is merit? Castevirus004HR2015”

  1. If I were Ambedkar, I’d have given GUNS to India’s Untouchable/Dalit through Constitution for their self-defense/resist oppression; will be 4th biggest nation in the world;

  1. 1 Himathuhina

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