Caste India Vs Democratic India, Whom they support?


Here we have  two India(s) fighting for the cause:  Caste-India Vs Democratic-India,  lets see the features of both and decide whom do we want to support….Present Goverment is supporting the Caste India.


Caste India

Democtartic India

Who are they? Anna Hazare,  Kejriwal, Bedi& All Upper Caste Middle Class, Elite Civil Society, Along with Mainstream Print & Electronic Media who don’t care about Reservations Dalits, OBCs, Buddhists, Muslims, Christens, Sikhs who  stand for Justice, Equality, Liberty & freedom who care affirmative action program
What they Want? India to be free from notional (material) corruption India to be free from mental (social & psychological) corruption which is mother of all corruptions – Equal Society
What are their Means? Fasting &  Blackmailing the Government Peaceful Agitations, Writing to Executives & writing in Blue newspapers
What they Believe? In Mob justice, In NGOs, In  Gherao In Discussions & Dialogues
Whom they care? 5% of India’s population who is already rich 85% of India’s population who finds difficult meeting both ends
Present Government helps +100% (Govt aids them more)For Police they are VIP.. -100% (Govt punishes them)For Police, they are nuisance..
Anarchy possibility 100% ( They want Oligarchy and their well being) 10% (If equality is not established, they may torn off Nation in no time)

Caste India Case : The Anna style demonstration  on Ramlila Ground in Delhi got into trouble within short time when the group of Drunken Rich  guys ( Youth For Equality Group) started abusing each other. Police did not arrest them. In protest, extra-jubilient youth on bikes roaming in different  cities, breaking rules, carrying Tricolor in a way they like,  roaring bikes along side making shabby comments on street people. No arrests even disrespect for Tricolor. Police not arrested a single person, as if Anna , Kejriwal and Bedi have given licence to the Youth. The insane & corporate  bollywood comes to help the agitation without understanding ‘what is Lokpal bill’.  Read More….

Democtratic Awareness Case : Silent protests  and pleas  against  ‘Lokapal dictatorial  agitation’ Do or we fast met with hard resistance from Media & from Police. Police talks to them in a ruthless manner. Majority of the celebrity from bollywood incapable to understand the Blue Movement, therefore oppose them. Police arrest them, combing operation continue till long hours in Mumbai….Watch Pictures

Pic 01: Civil Rights Activists asking for Save Constitution !

Pic 02: Police Brutalities against them

2 Responses to “Caste India Vs Democratic India, Whom they support?”

  1. If you’re really concerned about corruption, take your share of land for your caste/community from India and build your own nation.


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