Shindi: Guardian Minister playing spoil sport


Today,Guardian Minister Mr Babanrao Pachpute visited  Shindi where two educated girls from Buddhist families were beaten and paraded mercilessly. He took up unconcerned stance  instead of really building moral of the family and helping girls rehabilitate. It is learnt from Atrocitynews correspondant that the Minister pulled out its short words , nay, long tounge and admonished family by saying ‘ aggree to patch up!’  Babanrao is said to be under the shadow of castiest panchayat politics that bestows in him gulliable protection for  spoiled Local leaders and creations that are silimar to machinations of  Khairlanji.

Baban Pachpute, Gurdian Minister, Guarding the Caste Goons?

Pic 01: Baban Pachpute, Gurdian Minister, Guarding the Caste Goons?

Such kind of crude insensibility in the minds of Ministers prevails, how will democracy reach desired egalitarian goals? Please comment readers

Recent news comes from Kej Taluka, the Dalit youths are aribitrarily being arrested by Police under the disguise of Ministerial advice while most of them in a fear, fled from home. The situation is beyond imaginations as  families depend on the daily wages that these young members earn!

Mr Pachpute are you listening?

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