Pakistan: Dalits are in Dangerous Situation


Hindu caste system has left its virulent scar on Every part of the world. It has humiliated the people of land wehreever it went. May it be Pakistan, the land of Islam. Caste virus can not be locked into any religion. Such is the product of Brahminical system (BSO). Chander Kumar is a dalit activist from Pakistan. He has written followng peice of narrative, please go through it and write back. He can be reached


The Dalit community in Pakistan is native to this land, and has beenhere for the last more than 5000 years. Even though Hindusconstitute a minority community In Pakistan, the majority of Hindus are Dalits,i.e. more than 85% of the total population of Hindus are Dalits. The evidence of their presence in the region can be found from one of the world’s most ancient civilizations–Mohen jodaro. It is also known from the Buddhist Holy scripturesthat Gautama Buddha’s father Maharaja Shuddho Dhan married a Dalit community girl of the Kolhi tribe. This is the woman who gave birth to Mahatma Gautama. The Holy scriptures of Hinduism like The Ramayana also mentions Dalits such as Shabri Bhil and Walmake Rushi.

In Pakistan, Dalits live in all the five provinces i.e Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa and Gilgit Baltistan. It is found that the majority of Dalitslive in Sindh, while Punjab is second in terms of Dalit population. Balochistan is third and Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa and Gilgit Baltistan host the smallest numbers.

Dalit students, labors, workers, advocates, teachers, drivers, social activists and some other professionals also reside in Karachi.

The total population of Dalits as estimated in Pakistan is more than 7 million, out of which more than 3.5 million dwell in Sindh. 70% of them are associated with the agricultural workforce and the remaining 30% are laborers in various industries, or contractual road workers. Among this 30%, a few are also shopkeepers, public prosecutors, doctors, teachers, engineers and clerks.

All these castes are also known as Scheduled Castes, which means ‘untouchables’. According to Hinduism,these groups are marked as the lowest categories of society. The term untouchable itself is vile word, and it can have a psychological impact on someone to whom it is being applied. It is a word which does not take into account the personal history of an individual. One can even suggest that a word like this can lead someone to suicide or to some criminal activity……….More visit

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