Caste Rampage in Mandavgan, Pune : Police Protects Accused


Mandavgan Farata is a village in  Shirur Tahasil of Pune District which is at a distance of about 90 Km from Pune City. The population of this village is approximately 12,000 whose main occupation is agriculture.  The upper castes Marathas have power and influence all over the village.

This village is the biggest weekly market place for all the nearby villages which assembles on every Friday.  There are four Dalit localities namely Chandan Nagar, Gayran, Garmal and Maharwada  which consist of Fifteen, Ten , Forty and Twenty-Five houses, respectively. Dalits who had migrated in 1972 live in Chandan Nagar.  Devoid of any land or any other source of livelihood, these people have no option except to work in the fields of Marathas as agriculture laborers. These Marathas have stronghold over this part of Baramati Lok Sabha Constituency. Therefore, there is general apprehensiveness in this village. Dalits live in constant fear due to their political clout and power within Nationalist Congress Party, one of the ruling parties in state of Maharashtra. They are not allowed to take out the procession on to the streets of the village on Dr.B.R.Ambedkar’s Birth Anniversary.  But from last few years the Walke Family had started taking out the procession. So, the Marathas were having the temper against them. On 30th January 09, taking the advantage of quarrel between two Dalit families, they beat and paraded the half clad teenagers through the village. Such instances are not rare in the village. Last year, the accused Rahul Nagwade , Garud and others from upper caste Maratha, had beat and paraded a Buddhist  Rahul Pralhad Kamble . But it was not reported to the police and compromise was reached on the part of accused with victim’s family through police patil of the village, Bhauso  Farate alias Baba promising not to do it again. But the same kind of incident was repeated with Dalit teenagers , Balaji and Deepak on 30th January 2009. The police arrested the eighteen accused, but soon released them on the bail.


In an another incident on 15th April, 2009, a Dalit girl from Mang Caste whose engagement was due on next day was strangulated in sugarcane farm. But the police arrested another Dalit, Narayan Kamble  from same caste without giving any reasons whatsoever for the arrest.  This youth is in the first year of his L.L.B.(Bachelor in Law and Legislation) and recently  he was selected in the Probationary Officer’s examination by State Bank of India. He used to help other Dalits in the village for improving their lot and was giving legal guidance to Atul Walke, the brother of Balaji and Deepak who were beaten and paraded. Recently, on 25th April 09, fifteen houses from Dalit families had been burnt by the upper caste.

In all these cases, the police, under the influence of big upper caste politicians, seem to divert the attention of the people by giving it a different paint of causes. The police by protecting the accused are unleashing the terror of caste people. Without spport, the dalits in the village seem to be tense and frightened!

5 Responses to “Caste Rampage in Mandavgan, Pune : Police Protects Accused”

  1. 1 Cheetah Ram

    Marathas are not upper caste. They are Backward class.

  2. 2 shantanu Nandi

    caste caste caste. You guys who run this site are surely braindead casteists.

  3. 3 kumarpushp

    Whole hindu religion is based on caste pyramid .BJP and their umblical links are most barbaric and castist people which we have seen in Gujrat ethenic cleansing 2002.

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