Mandavgan Caste Rampage : Caste goons threatening family !


Ref: Mandavgan Farata Caste Atrocity (

Since a year, Atrocitynews team is following a caste atrocity that took toll of quite several Dalit  families including that of Ritesh (Balaji) Walmik Walke, At – Po- Mandangaon Farata, Tahsil- Shirur, Dist- Pune. Disasterously slow Police action protected the caste goons. They roamed freely  even till now especially during the hearing of the case at Pune District Court. The  accused and his upper caste supportive gang with big political clout threatening Dalits inludes..a social boycott and potential murder of the victim. 

Ritesh being helpless got prepared for  FAST UNTO DEATH in
Shirur,Pune in front of local administration. He is being supported by other youth activists in the region.

We appeal : Lets spread this news and help in a social struggle against caste. Lets involve casteless blood who dares to fight against greedy  caste attitudes.

Pic 01: Mandangaon Appeal against caste atrocity_ page 1


Pic 02: Mandangaon (Farata) Appeal_page 2

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