Rajstan State apathy; Dalit family of 11 commits suicide: Caste virus 002R2009


Rajastan: Fed up with district administration’s apathy, 11 members of a Dalit family attempted to end their lives on the campus of the collector’s office on Monday. Jiva Sagathiya along with three children and seven women consumed kerosene but police intervention saved their lives.

The family is protesting against district collector’s order to return the land they were given for farming.

This land, they said, was the only means of livelihood for them.

According to the records, district administration had given four acres of land for agriculture purpose to Anand Harijan in Lodhika. In 1981, Anand fell ill and was not able to do any farming. The land was lying useless for a long time, prompting district administration to take it back.

Sagathiya, who inherited the land, and his family, had no other source of income as the land they inherited was taken back by the government. He along with his family made an appeal to the collectorate to re-grant the land in 1998. Since then he is fighting for the land, but there has been no decision.

Sources said that government had recently decided to grant the land back to the people on merit basis. Sagathiya once again went to collectorate with an appeal on July 9 but did not get any response. Sagathiya alleged that the Talati has asked for a bribe of Rs 10 lakh but as he was not able to pay the sum, he was being harassed unnecessarily.

Source: TOI

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