Caste Killer Design; Terifying India: Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangha (RSS)


Jaswant Singh who as part of core think tank of BJP and also involved with the Rastriya Sawyamsevak Sangha on Wednesday equated the RSS design of NEW INDIA at par with white American group Ku Klux Klan (KKK) . He had been unceremoniously expelled from the party a week ago.

“Please don’t ask me. I am outside the magic circle of advisers or thinkers. Because, I am not from the RSS, is that why? So are we a political party? Is the BJP becoming some kind of an Indian version of Ku Klux Klan?” he shot back during an interview to PTI here. KKK, widely known as The Klan, is the name of several past and present hate group organisations in the US, whose aim was to Kill blacks and protect hegemony of white Americans by intimidation & bloody attacks. The Caste design in India would call for killings of Dalits (lower caste SC & ST) and religious minorities. If the Design rules go straight as planned the India soon on the verge of becoming Terrifying India.

Asked what he meant by reference to KKK, he said, “You know what the Klan means. You don’t ask me about this.” Expressing reluctance to analyse why Advani was rejected by the people for the post of Prime Minister, Singh nevertheless said it was for the BJP veteran to reflect on this.

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