Dalit woman made naked: Caste Virus 001UT2009


Dalit woman was allegedly prevented from entering a temple and beaten up by some devotees following which the district administration has ordered a probe into the matter. The disctrict is part of UTTARANCHAL.

The incident took place on Monday when the Dalit woman went to visit Mahasu temple in Hanole of Vikasnagar. She allegedly crossed the line permitted for Dalits due to heavy rush after which she was beaten up.There her cloths torn off. She was made naked by the priest of the Temple with the support from the Local upper caste community.

District Magistrate D Senthil Pandiyen has ordered an inquiry into the matter which will be conducted by an official of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police, they said.

A explanation has also been sought from the Nayab Tehsildar of Tyuni, they said.

Source: PTI

2 Responses to “Dalit woman made naked: Caste Virus 001UT2009”

  1. 1 Mohan Sawant

    It is shame on India and Hindu religion. The Dalit women who is already Hindu by relgion and Dalits who are 25% in population are the foundation stone of the Hindu religion are still treated like slaves, then what is the future of the Hindu religion? If these Dalits started leaving the Hindu region then entire piramide of the Hindu religin will come down and Hindu religion will become a past hidtory in history books. I think so called uper castes are very much aware about the fact that they are upper castes people because Dalits are lower castes if lower castes are not left then there will not be upper castes.

    What a shame of these so called upper castes of India but they donot know that the world is watching to them and day will come these people will be declared as terrorists like Talibanis in India.


    Give two finger to hindus and hindu led government.12 muslims youth brought down the bombay and their hindu led government on 26/11 ,time has come dalits should learn fron 26/11 and keep ready for final war against the hindus and their hindu led government.

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