Honoring Caste; 3 Boys Cut into Pieces | Caste Virus: 003MH2013


Mehtar or Valmiki caste is least protected when it comes to anger from Higher Caste that was never collectively reaslied by the suffering caste-groups. The constant caste brutalities are becoming order of the day but within diffrent walls of caste. The people with typical caste atrocity would goes on Air now with due efforts from IBN7 -Lokmat ( Nikhil Wagle).

Here is a case of 3 murder at Kharwandi, Tal. Newasa, in Maharatsra. One body is cut into pieces with a wooden cutter and that has set the surrounding into fear. This strategy is execllent while prevailing upon minds. Where is Governance? Where is Civil Society?

In the past, Sanchin an adult from Mehtar Community had got in love with a girl from the upper caste background. The love is not a legitimate issue considered for Higher caste. It was unlikely accepted by the order of the day.

Sachin’s body was cut into pieces and head was cut away from body and was thrown into the well such a cruel way of killing a person indicates the state of caste mind.

Mr Sandeep was put into a tank and frocibly he was drowned. Rahul was killed and his body was thrown in a well.

Sandeep was serving as a Supervisor in the school whereas Rahul was a friend of Rahul

There is a trap by the Upper caste groups putting a person from Matang Community as the accused. The post-mortem is said to have been managed. The main masterminds of the caste-game are walking scott-free.

Further there are atrocities in the region which are still uncalled. For reasons well-known to the Caste Minds among the governance and civil society, the silence is priced.


Castevirus 004MH2013: Mr. Ganesh Gohere, Resident of Pohegaon, Taluka Kopargaon, House burned and family members were beaten heavily.
Castevirus 005MH2013: Adivasi women from Veergaon, Taluka Akole were gang raped.
Castevirus 006MH2013: Members from Buddhist locality were assaulted and beaten in Babulgaon, Taluka Karjat.
Castevirus 007MH2013: A Dalit women, Janabai Borge, burnt alive at Dhawalgaon, Shrigondha
Castevirus 008MH2013: Deepak Kamble, a Dalit youth was murdered at Ghargaon, Shrigondha
Castevirus 009MH2013: Houses of DNT and SC’s were burnt and property destroyed at Limpangaon, Srigondha…

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    We lobby Obama Administration to Direct New Delhi Regime To Create An Independent Nation For 300 Million India’s Untouchables As Per US Congress Resolution 139.

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