Caste Pregnant India in 2013; Why Democracy would Work ?


Recalling of his own experience in the high court, former Supreme Court Justice and present Chairman of Press Council Of India Mr. Katju said that even lawyers would vote on caste lines.

“I don’t blame the uneducated, but am talking of the educated people. Professors of physics department, head of department … would vote as per caste. How backward your country is !,” he said.

The PCI chairperson said that there were so many people of criminal background who get elected because people voted for them if they belonged to the same caste rather than going by merit.

Katju was speaking here at a function by organisation Vote for India, to mark the launching of national voter awareness week.

Katju said Democracy is a feature of industrial society and not a feature of feudal agricultural society.
“The aim of the Constitution makers was to pull up society from its backwardness, from its feudalism and lift it up into the modern industrial age,” he said.

He said that though this idea succeeded with industry coming up and the country progressing but midaway the feudal elements took over with the result that people voted on caste lines.

Source: TOI

One Response to “Caste Pregnant India in 2013; Why Democracy would Work ?”

  1. India is an uncivilized nation.

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