Caste matters ; Sweden sensitized


Ms Swati reports from Sweden:

“We started the seminar with the introduction of Prof Adsule ( Mumbai University) and Mr. Hans Magnusson (Member of Dalit Solidarity Network). In the first part of session, we screened  documentary ‘Lesser human’, and in the second half we showed a 4 minutes documentary which highlighted important statistics of increasing atrocities and brutalities on Dalits in India. It was followed by question-answer session.

dscn6066.jpg  swed11.jpg
Pic01: Prof Adsule Talking                                   Pic02: Audience absorbed

Prof Adsule answered the questions as well he spoke on caste system in India, its history and today’s situation; how  its still dynamic and killing people. The participants were quite alert on the issue. However we ran short of time ; as if everybody was glued to their chairs. The initial plan was of the group discussions  after the lecture-session so that the groups  come up with suggestions and legal stand point.  Due to  prolonged question-answer session, both sessions were merged together. Within merged session qualitative suggestions came from people; sepcially from students studying human rights here.  The seminar was live and we saw very active participation  from variety of students representing Many nations. People came from far away places. I think this is not a formal report. I have video’s of of lecture session. I will write a report soon though” 

Pic03 : Extended Q-A session

Thanks, Sawti,for such a quick and clear reporting!

2 Responses to “Caste matters ; Sweden sensitized”

  1. 1 swati kamble

    Thank you Haresh, I am very happy for your quick action and response as well… is important to encourage more students to make more people aware of the atrocities and discrimination faced by Dalits. Our education system does not teach us to analyse our riligious upbringing (hindu caste system)and therefore these seminars on smaller levels initially can start sensitizing people about The Dalits, who they are? and the problems they face….I am privileged to be a part of this group – supported and encouraged to work and strive for better accomplishments for the rights of the Dalits

    Thanking you once again.

  2. Dear Swati,
    We feel delighted for your inputs.

    with rgds,
    Atrocitynews team

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