When caste works, No law works : castevirus 005MH2007


A  dalit boy was asked to prove his non-indulgance in  crime in a very strange way in Solapur last week. Though such cases are not so uncommon here. The inhuman brutalities and sufferings are the order of the day for the depressed sections of societyin India, only form changes.  In this case, a boy coming from converted buddhist background was forcibly asked by higher caste crowd to  immerse his fingers in a frying pot in order to testify his role in stealing Rs 1500( 30USD) .

Pic01: Prakash fingers are burnt by caste-virus ( Courtesy: Samrat)

The details of the case – 

A boy named Prakash Sonkamble was working on daily wages on the fields of Mr Rathod, the landlord. The blame of the theft which was done by another person named Chavhan was put on Prakash. Without  resorting to law Mr Rathod happily took law in his hand. He asked Prakash to testify his non-involvement by picking up the coin placed in boiling oil. Prakash cried; demanded mercy but he was forced to immerse his palm inside the boiling oil three times. When he did so; his fingers disfigured. Shot came in the last when it was later confirmed that he was not involve into theft.  Mr Rathod and the mob around (including women) did not feel sorry for such niggardly act. 

Such procedure is not new in Indian villages . They have always done it and socially it is accepted. Prakash`s only crime was to take birth in that community. Why people in general even do not feel soory about it?  Some say its a part of superstitions some says its not that issue important for economic superpower India to ponder over. Whatever be, the social process gives legitimate weapons at the hands of  oppressors. If its superstition; why always the last sufferer of such superstitions are Dalit ?

One strong reason can be that caste mind-set feels Dalits have no say in law process. And exactly same happened in case of Prakash. The offense of atrocity is not registered yet wit local police station and Mr Rathod is still not booked for his heinous act. No one is coming forward for evidence. He is still moving scotfree as if he has done no wrong. In the backdrop: Its a part of the soci0-religious practice for many Indians.

Is India heading for a superpower? Isnt we seeing in India a neuclear social evil power where murder of human values happening everyday unabated even after 5o years of constituional life. Implementors and controllers (Administartion, parliamentarians and cilvil society ) are consistantly failing India. What you say readers, please speak out!!

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