Update: Urine purification Castevirus 006MH2007


The ZP school runs classes from the standards I-VII and has 210 students, including 20 Dalit students. Last month, Tilottama Tembhurkar, headmistress of the school, who belongs to a ‘lower’ caste, was transferred but not relieved of her charge.

However, teachers from the In the last week of March, Tembhurkar handed over charge to senior teacher Sharad Kaitade (an upper caste). In early April, when he formally took over as the school headmaster, Kaitade allegedly performed a puja in the school and asked a teacher, Madhavi Raut, to sprinkle gomutra to “purify” the classrooms and the students. Raut promptly went around the school premises and classes sprinkling cow’s urine. She entered the class where Dalit students were solving their examination paper and sprayed urine over them, saying it would ‘purify’ them.

Pic 01 Innocent future of India; getting lessons on Purification by urine

However, while doing so, some of it fell on their answersheets and also on students’ faces.  Feeling humiliated, the students narrated the incident to their parents, who along with other villagers, registered a protest with Kaitade the newly appointed Head.

Subsequently, both he and Raut tendered apologies to the villagers and assured such an incident would not recur. But the vil lagers wanted a written apology, which the teachers refused. They approached the district collector and superintendent of police, Bhandara, demanding action against the erring headmaster and the lady teacher. 

The administration ordered a probe into the incident. Finding substance in the villagers’ complaint, an offence was registered against Kaitade under Section 7, 1(D) of the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1985. He was arrested and later released on bail.

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3 Responses to “Update: Urine purification Castevirus 006MH2007”

  1. Such an barbaric and ridiculous act of the Headmaster and the teacher who sprinkeled cow’s urine must be penalised.

    My question is:
    1.Are there any Indian in India with a little bit of Shame and dignity?
    2.Are there humans live in this nation?
    3.Are there any Dalits/Ambedkarites in this area of India at all?. Don’t these people have any sense of brotherly and sisterly care towards their fellow men/woman?
    4.Is this a state where our savior Dr.B.R.Amedkar did all the groundbreaking social work?.
    5.Is this a state where dalit panthers erupted against the casteistic oppressors
    6.Are there any Dalit humans left alive in this state of Maharastra at all…



  1. 1 Suryawada PIL filed « Atrocity News
  2. 2 Suryawada PIL filed

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