Caste virus attacked


Following lines are poems composed by the saints from progressive humanist-spiritual  movement in India. Indian society is so much infested with deadly caste virus; it requires great psychological effort on part of Common man to bring in scientific temper into practice which in turn would throw out caste-virus from minds.


What plight of humans(Dalits)!
From the belly rises fire,
But the chulha can not be lit.
                                          – Bahinabai Chaudhari (1888-1951)

I am not in chains, not in chains:
I a neither diseased nor I am a healer.
Am not a Moman nor a Khafir am I,
Neither a Mulla nor a Saiyed,
Why ask Bulle Shah his caste?
Neither I created caste, nor am I born in one.
                                                   –Bulleh Shah (1680-1748)

Brahmin, Vaishya, Shudra or Kshatriya,
Dom, Chandal or Mlechchha: All have the same soul.
They can all attain purity, singing hymns to God:
It will liberate both – self and generations.
                                                  – Ravi Das (1398-1448)

Sugar cane is rough; the juice in it is sweet,
The bow is not straight but the arrow is,
River zigzags, but not the water in it.
Chokha isn’t beautiful but the God in him is.
Why get misled by outward appearances?
                                             – Chokha Mela (14th century)

Actions, says Dadu, rank higher that one’s caste,
Think not, therefore, of anything else;
Social ranking is tainted,
Illumined are only noble thoughts.
                                          –Dadu Dayal (1544 – 1603)

Immortal is the land I come from;
There are no Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Shudras or Vaishyas
No Mughals or Pathans, nor Saiyeds or Shaikhs;
The message humble Kabir brings, in essence, is:
Let’s go to that land.
                                              – Kabir (1398-1518)


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