14th April; Pakistan celebrates


For the first time in Pakistan’s history, the 116th Birthday of Baba Saheb Dr B. R. Ambedkar was celebrated in three different cities of Pakistan and attended by thousands of people.

1. The first function was held in Lahore on April 13 where Governor Punjab Khalid Maqbool was the chief guest. I (Surendar Valasai) also delivered an speech there, while the Speakers from India inlcuding Honourable V T Rajshekhar and Prof. Chaman Lal from JNU, Shyam Bahadur Katuwal from Nepal, Prof Bhatti from England, a Mr. Salman from the United Nations office Islamabad. The programme was organised by Sir Gangaram Heritage Foundation and its Director Dr. Yousaf Bokhari played a pivotal role in the arrangements.

2. The Second function was held in Karachi under the aegis of Scheduled Castes Federation of Pakistan and South Asia Dalit Solidarity Network on April 15. Former Dalit MP Dr. Khatumal Jeewan, Surendar Valasai and former Dalit MPA Bheru Lal Balani highlighted on the struggle and achievements of Baba Saheb.

3. The Third function was held at Hyderabad Press Club organised by former Dalit MPA Engr. Gianchand where former Chairman of Communist Party of Pakistan Jam Saqi, BBC Corresondent Suhail Sangi, Engr. Gianchand, Malji Rathore, Dr Sono Khangharani and others spoke and eulogised the services of Baba Saheb.

Reporter: Surendar Valasai

One Response to “14th April; Pakistan celebrates”

  1. 1 RAVI KANT

    this very good step in pakistan.every person think about baba shaheb.his life is ideal for us. he was read in very difficult curcumstnces

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