Peaceful Demonstartions in Sweden


Ms Swati from Stockholm reports..

“A demonstration was held in Stockholm city. We worked hard towards mobilizing students and people but we were 17 people on the day of demonstration, there were many factors and things we learnt in the process. We, Joanne D’silva and I,  are very grateful to Dalit solidarity network for supporting througout. I am glad to have Joanne’s support also and I am sure that if there would have been only two of us standing at the demonstration we still would have carried it We wrote to Indian ambassador about the meeting. From past experiences during December, we understand he may not pay a slightest heed to it. However we hope that the meeting between members of Dalit Solidarity Network and Minister of Foreign Affairs would work out well.

We had one Journalist who is doing a studies on the issue of Dalit women attending the event and she has taken the videos and interviews. The document will be ready by the end of this week I will publish it on-line and send it to groups as well.”

Great job; Swati and team! We at Atrocitynews appreicate  your efforts.

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