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BSP @ Centre


Many in elite circles inlcluding Indian media have started noticing after a long time that  BSP is not only an organised National political party but it’s a part of larger movement started way back in India. The movement for just society; some put it not right not left but at centre; the middle path as […]

“It was May 2002 when I was on a Padyatra in Bundelkhand. After nearly 10 days of the yatra, we were in a tribal village of Kols who were threatened by the forest department and police officials every time they tilled their land”, VidyaBhushan Raut adds further….. The day we reached this tiny village on […]

We at Atrocitynews, salute BSP and party activists ( cadre) for their hardwork. They really worked days and night together for many years ; slept without taking food often only to make alive the dream of JUST SOCIETY. A society living on  trinity of  liberty, equality and fraternity as enshrined in Indian constitution! Their hardwork has resulted into the decisive victory (209/403) in […]

Hollywood director Roland Joffe’s ‘The Invaders’, has met with a unique controversy. The $-40-million project, said to be an Indian version of ‘Braveheart’, with the first Anglo-Maratha war as its plot, tells the story of the defeat of the English by the Marathas. However, Raja Sekhar Vundru, editor of ‘Dalit Millennium’ says the movie would […]

‘Mr XYZ’ (name removed) coming from ex-dalit background has proved in himself a research genious by innovating a bio-metal. His efforts have shown world  that Dalit intellect is a part of potetial creativity that if released can increase world creativity; multiplying betterment of many. It should be noted that Mr XYZ  has done it despite many structural odds. However it is also true that the deep commitment towards eliminating […]

Mr A.K. Biswas  is a  prolific writter and a historian in the area of Buddhism and caste system in India. Till date, he has undertaken many studies in and off the field. This is one of his long time research effort that makes us available with the picture of caste infested situation and caste mentalities ; how it operates […]