Riding is a history here, thanks castevirus!


 A Dalit in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has created a history of sorts when he showed the temerity to defy the upper castes in the caste-based Indian society.

Surender Ahirwaar, a Dalit bachelor, decided to sit on a horse bedecked as a bridegroom and lead his wedding procession when he gets married. And he carried out his resolve with all fanfare that accompanies Indian marriage ceremony, though under heavy police security, becoming the first Dalit of the region riding on a horse and lead his wedding procession on April 20 when he got married. The occasion was Akshya Trithiya, an auspicious day in Hindu mythology, when thousands of marriages were performed and this marriage, which will stand out, took place in a village Baamnaur near Sagar town about 120 kilometers from here.

A news channel NDTV highlighted the Dalit’s marriage as upper castes people squirmed while boycotting it. A beaming Surender Ahirwaar, the bridegroom, reportedly said:”Every man dreams that when he becomes a bridegroom he should sit on a horse. This was my dream too”.

It may be mentioned here that horses are reserved for the upper caste. This is an unwritten rule that’s been followed for centuries in the Yadav dominated Baamnaur village without any opposition. So, when Surender announced his wedding plans and made his intentions clear, the upper castes were far from pleased.

”The sarpanch and his brother threatened us and the girl’s family that if we dared to bring a horse in the baraat then the consequences would be very bad. That’s why we gave an application to the police,” said Vrindavan Ahirwaar, bridegroom’s uncle.

Not surprisingly, the upper castes boycotted the wedding. And even the preparations had to be carried out under security. G P Sharma, Incharge Police Station, Bandri, Sagar, reportedly said:”Adequate police force is there. The police is trying to avoid any conflict from taking place in the village”. Meanwhile, according to an agency report about 50 minors were prevented from tying the knot in Madhya Pradesh on the occasion of Akshya Trithiya.

“Efforts to prevent child marriage yielded results as the government stopped around 50 minors from getting married on Akshya Trithiya on Friday. In some cases, parents were convinced while in other administration came down heavily,” officials said.

At least six attempts of child marriage in Bhopal were stopped, including one at Godipura area where a team of officials accompanied by police force convinced the relatives of a 15-year-old girl for not marrying her at such a young age, they said.

Source: IndianMuslims.Info

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