A comment : Indian reflection


clash writes to Atrocitynews in a very natural flow and concatenates the events that followed pre and post Khairlanji…


“There are some sections of the society that holds the view point that, these atrocities never happen anymore in shining India. Reservation for sure is a contentious issue and it should not be used for political gains but it should prevail in an utter prejudiced society of this kind but should be implemented scientifically.

I understand the upper caste mentality never changes but this is the only way to give the downtrodden of the society a chance to improve themselves and move ahead. “equality” which was being ranted by the protesters against the reservation is just an illusions. Months after these protest a Dalit family in Khairalnji was butchered, I dint see any of the equality vouching Rang De Basanti crowd in the streets.
The Media which seems to be the saviour of lot India also holds a prochial view point about this issue. A look at this article by Sainath – One of the Rare exceptions among the Indian jounrlaits “might” give you an insight in to this fact.

“why somebody else has to suffer for doing no bad to others????” – Who is this somebody? The majority are ingrained with these dogmatic caste principles, where they dont have the guts to still go against the status of the family and step out of your caste and religion to have a marriage. They dont try to break these dogmas working against it, but they want the easy method – Stub the privileges offered to the under dogs as they are eating up our pie. Now to make a note : South India, which constitutes the better performing states in India have reservations for different communities including Muslims and christains (Kerala). Mind you this dint degrade the quality of education doled out or did it take away the opportunities for others. It has helped only people from the backward areas to be part of a developement which is wholesome than peripheral. Tamilnadu has a rural quota and i know innumerable number of students who came to my college under that quota – they were from the lowest sections of the society but right now working and having a decent enough life. No wonder they are on of the fastest developing states in India.

In a system where only personal interests previal, it is difficult to devor some truths . But that doesnt mean that it is not the truth.”

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