Roland Joffe`s venure becomes controvertial


Hollywood director Roland Joffe’s ‘The Invaders’, has met with a unique controversy. The $-40-million project, said to be an Indian version of ‘Braveheart’, with the first Anglo-Maratha war as its plot, tells the story of the defeat of the English by the Marathas. However, Raja Sekhar Vundru, editor of ‘Dalit Millennium’ says the movie would inadvertently distort another facet of the war — the martial role of Dalits in pre-independentce India.

The Anglo-Maratha war images of a horde of British fighting the native Marathas are not right. The truth is, the British conquered India with an army composed mostly of Indians, and they were Mahars. So, the Anglo-Maratha wars did not end in the victory of aliens over natives. Had it been a real Braveheart-like situation where one ethnic army clashed with another, there would have been no issue at all. Moreover, the Battle of Wadagaon pales into insignificance, as it was a 50,000-strong Maratha army that defeated 2,600 men of the British army. So it is not so important as to boast about it. Hence the controversy over the film

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