Demonstrations in Sweden


Peaceful demonstrations are planned in Sweden against Caste discrimination and caste based atrocities in India. We must remember such protests worldwide do six things

1. They make Indian Public administration responsible for observing rule of law
2. Possible Worldwide sensitisation and help for suffering individuals
3. Educate global civil society on global human rights movement
4. Encourage global civil society act against such evil tendencies like caste
5. Prepare sane individual that promotes his diligent social behaviour
6. Bring people together on humanity basis for bringing peace, harmony and happiness in world

The Demonstration details:

Date: 14th of April, 2007 (On the day of 116 th Birth Anniversary of Dr. B R Ambedkar, Champion of Human rights and Chief architect of Indian constitution)
Place : Norrmalmstorg
The organisers: Student community in Sweden
The organisers (through Atrocitynews) would like to appeal  you all for being there physically to express solidarity in abolishing the evil practices from this planet. For further details please contact

The organisers of the event desire those who would like to join in Demonstartions may come prepared with anatomy of caste system and related issues. Organisers suggest helpful Statistical and scholarly information on caste can be available at:

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