14th April; Firing on Dalits in Gaya


The students of DR. B.R. Ambedkar hostel at Gaya had organized a procession in the morning. They had already informed the administration about the program. When the students reached near the statue of Baba Saheb they found the gates of the park closed and the whole campus and the statue was very dirty. They sat on a Dharna in the front of the collectorate building near the statue. The road was blocked. After a few minutes a car in which wife of Gaya DM was going was stopped by them. The body guards of the lady started thrashing the students led by Satish Kumar, president, Ambedkar Sangharsha Morch and others. The students got angry and clashed with the police. A fierce battle started in which the police party had to run away. While running away they fired three shots in which a student Sunil Kumar was little hurt.

Later in the evening the Dalits assembled near the statue of Baba Saheb and organized birthday celebrations. Many speakers including me gave speeches and demanded strict action against the police perssonel involed in the morning incedent.

Reporter: Rajesh

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