A comment worth read


 Prashant Tambe writes.on Apr 25th, 2007

“Dear friends for the cause…

The post khairlanji protests and the way they were made and the support it got made people and even activists think that may be dalits are insured for at least five years !! we never knew it would be so short lived !!!. sources inform that till March 2007 itself close to 35 cases of atrocities have been registered in Bhandara only !!!. Well its true that this upsurge can be attributed partially to the awareness in Dalits living in Bhandara and also among the administrative authorities especially Police officials who might have become sensitive about the issue and more of their jobs!!. This hypothesis demands some detail study. friends i would like to bring your attention to the fact that we are still acting as reactionary people. A positive action of empowering people and even communicating to others is required. This along with a study on what is actually wrong with the Districts and whether people whom we perceive are wrong doers are really wrong, is also required. This requires sustained professional efforts rather than amateur activism.”

Dear Prashant,

You are right on the dot there! It really needs continuous-planned effort to kill caste virus. Seeing the quantum and nature of atrocites on Dalits; any individual efforts would have risk of going berksirk; if PUBLIC-STATE ACTION is not triggered. In this direction, sesitisation-plan for civil societies irrespective of states, nations and continents would be a well thought priority. (Alternative) media  may be of tremendous help!

with regards.

Atrocitynews Team

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