Purification by urine only in shameless civilisation-India : Castevirus 006MH2007


This is yet another shocking news from Bhandara district. The district is already  into limelight for wrong reasons;  horrendous Khairlanji Massacre happened here last September. We all know after Khairlanji incident, entire Maharashtra along with many parts of India burnt for many days. Khairlanji Massacre was nude dance of inhumanity. The fate of Khairlanji case  still hangs in uncertainty; credit goes to upper caste leadership in Maharastra with its traditional duplicity is passing its time. The inaction is dengerously fueling atrocities in the region. Poor dalit  (buddhist) is bleeding for state help. Last week a mother of three was burnt alive in Bhandara district. And  now, news of ‘sprinkling Cow-Urine for purification’ reveals that situation at the ground is as alarming as ever

Poeple wake up! Have courage to save this civilisation!!

IBN7 reports…..

It’s over 50 years of independence but division on caste lines still seems to exist in the country. Teachers of a primary school in Bhandara district of Maharshtra sprinkled cow’s urine in the school premises and on students.They did this because the previous headmistress was a Dalit and they wanted to purify the school and the children of the lower castes.

It was no educational trip to the police station for the school children – they were witnesses to the case of the violation of civil liberties committed when their new principal allegedly sprinkled cow urine or goumutra in their classroom and on them.

“Our principal sprinkled goumutra on SC students and said this is for your well-being,” said Sonali Meshram, a student.”She said you will study well after getting purified,” said another student Rajat Washnik.

The upper caste principal apparently did this to purify the school and its students because the woman she replaced was also a Dalit.The act and the reason have obviously angered the parents.”In the age of science, she is a blot on the teachers’ reputation,” said Arvind Gosani, Parent.

But the school authorities refute the very allegation.”This is all false. No one sprinkled anything on students,” said Teacher Madhvi Rao.Angry villagers say the police are going soft on the matter. Though a case has been registered, the police have taken no action against the principal yet.

“We have got the report and an inquiry is going on,” said Bhandara SP Suresh Sagar

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