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In yet another shocking instance accused in Suryawada Atrocity Case were acquitted, which has now become a rule rather than exception in India when the convictions had sunk below 1% . Principal and sessions Judge Hon. S.S.Buradkar in Bhandara , acquitted the two accused named No.1 , Sharad Kaitade No. 2 , Mrs. Madhave Raut […]

If readers remember there was  headless yet religious domatic  act of ‘purification by Cow urine’  in Suryawada, Maharastra two months back. The students were sprinked Cow urine by teacher in order to maintain purity in the premises as these ‘buddhist’female students belonged to ex-untouchable group. The shocks of caste system and associated practices are so crude that a sane human cannt […]

The high–level inquiry committee that probed the purification incident at a ZP school at Surewada village in Bhandara district reportedly reached a deplomatic conclusion that the case was purely a case of superstition and not a caste issue! !!! Denying the reality is simple meachanism used for political hijacking of such grave issues. Perticularly it is hottime for such issue when Maharastra State assembly […]

 Pradeep Attri writes: Suryawada case reminds me of what Baba Saheb (Dr Ambedkar)  wrote in his Writting and Speeches on the condition of Dalits.. nothing has changed till now … • Inequality between class & class, between sex & sex is the soul of the Hindu society • In Maharashtra an untouchables was required to wear a black […]

Taxing Government only can promise-is proving right time and again.  In Urine purification case of Suryawada village in Bhandara district this is perticulary true due to government inaction for such a long time. In the last Govt. departmental report, the investigations put entire blame on 7 teachers who were present that day when the Cow-urine was sprinkeled on young SC-ST […]

In a shameful case of ‘principal sprinkling cow urine on the Scheduled caste(Dalits) to purify them because they belonged to the untouchable section of society’; it seems to be a need of an hour to unite masses, to sensitise them and to make strong structural arrangements to deter such heinous act in future.  To aid such  action-plan,  Atrocitynews correspondent visited […]

In the modern India such event are not rare, we saw nude dance of caste-virus  making humanity look pale when the principal in Suryawada school sprinkled cow urine on the Scheduled caste(Dalits) to purify them because they belonged to the untouchable section of society. We also see the job of government in Democracy is to protect the human […]