Arundhati speaks against caste virus


In an interview with Tehlka correspondant, Arundhati Roy, a celebrated writter from India wished many things to be changed. Something which may struck immediately to a civilised nation is captured in following paragraph. It is also one of the bold statements which carrries tremendous real time weightage; if India is to progress in 21st century.

Pico1 Ms  Arundhati Roy

“.. I’d say the biggest indictment of all is that we are still a country, a culture, a society which continues to nurture and practice the notion of untouchability. While our economists number-crunch and boast about the growth rate, a million people — human scavengers — earn their living carrying several kilos of other people’s shit on their heads every day. And if they didn’t carry shit on their heads they would starve to death. Some fucking superpower this…”

–Arundhati roy

One Response to “Arundhati speaks against caste virus”

  1. 1 Rob Cross

    Right on, Arundhati!

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