Metropolis nosafe : Caste-virus 010MH2007


When Mumbai the biggest metropolis was engaged into Sesex rise & Diwali firecrackers, two Buddhist  families were fighting caste attack this week.  A kid quarel resulted into atrocious situation for two Buddhist families living in Ghatkoper, RamjiPitamah Nagar,Omkar Chawl Room No. 5 and 6. 

On 11th of this month, the kids of the family of were playing with the local kids with firecrackers. When the firecracker didn’t burst, the Hindu Boys started abusing them on caste basis and slogans which the children could not interpret. Words escalated , Rajesh Lokhande, a youth tried to resolve but who was attacked on head with a sickle. He put his hand in between that lost his thumb .

Pic01: Visible Anger on the Ideals  for human reclamation

The family then took Rajesh to nearby clinic at around 10.30.  As the news spread, local goons planned an attack on these two Buddhist houses.  As there was no one present in the houses, the goons namely Kishore Pathade,Santosh Pathade, Sunil Pathade with friends totaling 12 in number attacked house from outside and top. They damaged the door &  asbestos slabs by throwing stones, bamboos,sickle and grinding stone. In the house was Bharat Narayan Sapkal sleeping and smaller kids. As soon as they were attacked the kids hid them self in drums kept for water and it was only Bharat who faced the 12 attacking men. The upper caste (Hindu) gang attacked him with stones bamboo, severely wounded him. A grinding stone was thrown on his head. He finally managed to  escape a near to death situation.  

Pic02; House torn apart

After the grave incidence, the family went to lodge a complaint with the local police station ( Chirag Nagar Police Station Ghatkoper W). As usual, being a dalit issue, the police didn’t pay heed to it. In absence of FIR , Bharat could not be admitted to Rajawadi hospital, he was blooding out profusedly. It is also said that the Police Inspector, Mr. Jagannath Avadh refused to lodge the complaint despite repeated requests. The hand of local Corporator was suspected. 

There are only two Buddhist families living in the locality who face discrimination on daily basis. After apethtic attitude of Administration, none but only death can relieve the families of Vinod Gautam Lokhande , Gautam Gulab Ingle and Bharat Narayan Sapkal. 

Pic03: 25 stiches on the head of Bharat Narayan Sapkal


Pic04: The attack on Rajesh


Pic05: Cuts on legs

Pic06: Why ?

The families are afraid to return back to their homes and are living with relatives from that night..

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