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  1. 1 Prashant Tambe

    There are many Dalit families living in minoroty in their respective villages are living under terror and inscurity constantly threatened by Upper caste people that Khairlanji is nothing they can perform even better. Lets have immediate action i mean well thought out too

  2. 2 Prashant Tambe

    Lets Celebrate Diwali There is no caste in India

    Dear friends Greetings!!! So friends Id and Diwali is over. I have written this so as to thank you all for being active. Friends you remember how we protested about reservation. It was very good and well organized demonstrations against reservation. Friends, the people those who favour reservation did not media with them and rather we were well supported by the so genuine were our demands. There is no caste in existence and so why these Dalits should be given reservation and the height is why at all to the OBCs? Friends the recent incident at Khairlanji Bhandara however tells the different story. You might be having the details of it. Four memebrs belonging from SC community belonging to Buddhism were killed by the Upper caste people of the village. Out of these four members two female members mother and daughter were first paraded naked and were then raped right infront of the son and brother. Probably this was not enough bamboo sticks were inserted into the private parts of them. What a women equality!!! our women were not silent they provided their men bamboo sticks and encouraged them. After all we know that behind every successful men there are women!!. Mother and sister were crying for help hopelessly trying to cover their body. Right in front of the eyes of the mother the poor brother was asked to have sex with his sister. On refusing to do so his private parts were cut and he along with his brother were thrown in air again and again till they die. Next day their bodies were found in a nearby canal. Any way this happens. They are dalis and they should live with this. But We all know that caste doesn’t exists in India and we will struggle for no caste based reservation. After all India is be coming super power and such incidences can hardly pose question to that.

  3. 3 Prashant Tambe

    Has caste gone? No!! It’s still bleeding………………….. What is a caste? What does it mean to belong to a “lower” caste? Does this fact influence the way you live or the way you dream? In the Indian context, the painful fact is that yes, it does! The problem is still bleeding after the 6o years of independence and 56 years declaration of Republic India. The Indian constitution makes it punishable for anybody to discriminate on the basis on caste, colour and creed. In spite of that the caste-based atrocities on dalits or erstwhile untouchables are still continuing.

    The data on Indian economy gives the very rosy picture that India is on the way to become the economic superpower and soon we will be developed country. Many economists have tried to establish the inverse relationship between improving economic status and the caste based discrimination. They claim that as the economic status would improve, it would improve the social status too. For many years we have cherished the idea that casteism is not what it used to be. Today nobody faces discrimination on the basis of her caste. There is reservation for the socially backward classes, we are slowly nearing the much desired equity and special laws and provisions are in place against those who practice untouchability or discrimination. While instances of caste based hatred kept trying to draw our attention every once in a while, we continued to believe what we wanted to.

    The Bhotmange family of Khairlanji village of Bhandara, however, knew the truth all along. Being the only “lower” caste Buddhist household in a village of “upper” caste people was never easy and fear was a part of life. It was not unusual for this Dalit family or Buddhist one to face day-to-day caste based abuses from the villagers who were mostly from other religions and was in majority as far as the religious composition of the village is concerned. The village has 248 households of which only one belong to Buddhist (scheduled caste). The family had five acres of land and was living happily with that. The five member family with their two college going sons of which one was blind & one college going daughter were socially and geographically secluded from the village. The family as is seen in many other villages in India also, was living on the outskirts of the village thanks to the legacy of untouchability in India where lower caste people were not allowed to reside inside the village.

    It all started with the conflict over the five acre of land owned by Bhotmange family. The so-called upper caste people in the village could not digest the reality that one-Dalit family is living on their own with self-esteem. The men and women of the village from upper caste families would abuse the women members of Bhotmange family everyday. This would have continued till their death had they not protested against the dictatorship of some of the mighty people of the village. The village head had his agricultural land adjacent to the agricultural land of Bhotmange family. The family was asked to give up some of their land for the approach road to the agriculture land of village head. The family accepted this demand, but the demand of land for the road did not stop there and the Bhotmange family was asked to give up more and more land. This resulted into the encroachment on two acres of the family’s land by the villagers.

    Going through the caste and religious composition of the nearby villages, one finds that there are Buddhists families in the nearby villages but they are in minority in their respective villages. These Buddhist families consider Mr. Siddharth who lives in a nearby village and one of the relatives of Bhotmange family as active leader. Siddharth used to come to Bhotmange family often, as Mr. Bhotmange was his brother-in-law. Feeling the security from the regular presence of Siddharth, Bhaiyyalal Bhotmange claimed his lost land from the villagers and farm the entire five acre of land this year. This antagonized the high caste villagers and they decided to teach bhaiyyalal a lesson. Its not that Bhaiyyalal was not aware that he had to face the retaliation but the hatred would express itself in this most brutal way he might not have imagined even in his worst nightmares. Angry with Siddharth and the sense of security that the presence of Siddharth gives to the Buddhist families in the nearby villages, villagers banned the entry of Siddharth to the village Khairlanji. This was done under the false charges that Siddharth was having an affair with bhaiyyalal’s wife. However not complying the ban Siddharth came to village and was beaten up by the villagers. Bhaiyyalal and his wife testified in front of the police about the culprits involved in this act. The guilty were arrested and were sent to jail. The matter to be noted here is that the case on these people was not under atrocities act.

    On the gory day the culprits came back to the village as they got a bail. Under influence of liquor they threatened the Bhotmange family and left in search for Siddharth and his brother. Sensing the threat the younger daughter rushed to other village for help, there she met Siddharth and her father and told them about the incident. Siddharth and Bhaiyyalal asked her to go back to village and assured her that they are coming by another road. When this duo returned, from the very outskirt they heard villagers shouting and sounds of screams and cries from their home. Villagers were asking the whereabouts of them and was beating and thrashing the family members. Sensing the threat the duo ran away. The nightmare that followed cannot be described in words. The most inhuman, shameful and brutal act came to life the morning of 29th September 2006. Four members of the households Surekha (44, the mother), Priyanka (18, daughter), Roshan and Sudhir (23, 21 sons, one of whom was blind) were dragged out of their household by a mob of about 40 people, which included women. The four members of his family were stripped naked and paraded through the village streets to the main choupal of the village. Here the victims were beaten up mercilessly. Eyewitnesses reported that the women among the mob provided their men with bamboo rods to be inserted into the private parts of Surekha & Priyanka. Chilli powder was then smeared on the wounds to increase the suffering and embarrassment. The pleadings and cries that issued from the lips of the victims went not only unheard, but were also mocked at. Instead, boys were asked to have intercourse with their younger sister and upon refusing, their private parts were mutilated inhumanly. As if not satisfied by this brutality, the boys were thrown up in the air and allowed to fall on the ground repeatedly until they breathed their last. The women also were hacked to death, but not before being raped by the village men. This nightmare went on for over two hours before the victims were finally dead. After this the four bodies were disposed of at different places.

    Bhaiyyalal says the Kherlanji villagers have issued a ‘fatwa’ against anybody who opens their mouth about the incident. It is reported that the police officials were informed about the possible attack. What police and politicians must have done is a matter of common sense. Govt. announced Rs.4,50,000 as a compensation to Bhaiyyalal the head and the only survivor of the Bhotmange family. As usual acting late police arrested some people in the matter and the Buddhist families living in minority in the nearby villages are living under terror.

    Was caste the reason behind this inhumanity? The answer unfortunately and obviously is yes! In an Indian village the “backward” caste people are supposed to be submissive and take gratefully whatever (if any) freedom they are “given” by the “upper” castes. If they do not receive any humane behavior, they have little to complaint about as they don’t deserve it anyway! Things were outwardly fine as long as this submissiveness on the part of the lower castes existed. They were treated like animals and they considered themselves animals, not deserving of any better treatment. No conflicts!! The day however arrived, owing to many factors, when these exploited human beings recognized themselves as human beings and refused to be treated like garbage any more. They demanded equal treatment; they wanted equal opportunities in their own right. The alms of mercy no longer satisfied them. That is when hatred and the feeling of loss of authority expresses itself in such outbursts of anger. This is wrong! Friends, this is a black spot on our freedom and democracy and secularism. Every human being, irrespective of caste and race has been shamed by this act. Our naked bodies remind us of the brutality that the victims faced, the joy that we get out of sex reminds us of the cries of the hapless individuals, every morsel of food that goes down the throat reminds us of them. We cannot meet our own gaze in a mirror. Help us. Help humanity live. You are requested to

    Rise above your caste, creed, and religion and
    join the protest.

    What can you do …….

    · Send protesting mails to the national and international print and electronic media who has not publicized this matter
    · Send mails to President, Human right commission, National women right commission, national and international NGOs and all the concerned.
    · Send this mail to your friends and appeal them the same

    Prashant Tambe Alpana Bose
    9860414243 9860163642

  4. 4 Ankur

    Kudos to DNA for bringing out the facts and pursuin ethical journalism.What beats me is that even while BBC finds this autrocityto be reported leading indian newspapers are mum.Is journalism really the profession that it should be?It is this silent support from the leading papers which encourages the people to do such acts.While the accused may be prosicuted(If at all it happens!!!) the newspapers will go scott free.Tomorrow again we will read what Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile had for their breakfast while again in some remote village another surekha would be raped and hacked to death.When will the newspapers awake towards their responsibilities???

  5. 5 rahul bagade

    its inhuman

    all crimiunals and political parties involved must be hanged.

  6. 6 nitin duphare

    i heard this shocking new in america. i am from america. these bloody bastered had done this act , they should be hang till death. so far no action has been taken by goverent machinary, this is very shamful for r country. the whole system disable or sold out. goverment should rehabilitate our people on district level and give full proteciotn those who lives in the village of minority. Those bastered have no heart. castesium is canacer to our socity.

  7. 7 subasbh

    dear friends,

    this barbarin brutality by sanadhanic caste hindus on buddhist family shows the sadist psychological undercurrent that travels through minds of all those caste hindu bastereds who have not yet developed moral and religious values. as Babasaheb said, caste hindus’ fault is not with other than their religion that they are professing all over the world as divin and sanadhanic. may this event light a fire that will last as long as years to come till a society envisioned by Babasaheb come to reality where each respect others and treat equal as them.

    with metta

  8. 8 Milind Wankhede

    Dear Friends,
    The news is shocking and unfortunate, not only for the family but for the entire community. We have to go a long way to bring equality still. Hope Everyone alerts from the message and try to bring awareness in ourselves as well as our people.
    May peace be with all

  9. Hey, These things need to be talked about. I really would want the youth for equality to read and do something for the equality.
    Can I put up a link for this article in my blog?

  10. Dear Pranay,
    You may do so!

  11. 11 Bankim

    It seems there are millions across this world who are yet accept the notion of “all humans are born equal and have equal rights”.It’s time that the caste fundamentalists of Khairlanji and likes of them are shown their rightful place.Cutting across all barriers of caste,language and religion;people from all walks of life must come together and protest with all the forces at their disposal.Those organistions and people who believe in equality and understand the real plight of Dalits must join together and raise a common voice”Enough is enough;we are not going to tolerate this anymore”.

  12. 12 ATTRI

    really inhuman all those are involved in this shud be hanged ….

  13. 13 Subhash Arya [Phd (E.Engg)]

    This is the worst inhumanity that can be only done by casteist people.Why people are still in Hinduism………

  14. It’s shame on entire humanity…we, in India, nurtures a dream to become a “developed ” country in the 21st century, these beastly acts shatters all the dreams of mankind. What is more disturbing is the mute role played by so called ‘free press’ in the world’s largest democracy. Time to retrospect for media.

  15. 15 Shiva

    This is shame on us Indians. This proves that still a medieval land which can still have these type of acts of extream bestiality. When Muktar Mai case happend in Pakistan I told my Pakistani friend that India is different and better. But as this case unfolded its much worse than that case in Pakistan where the perpetrators at least had humanity to let the victim live.
    This incident proves that when it comes to atrocities against dalits the OBCs are equally if not more bestial and still continue to enjoy the fruits of reservations.
    And as for our great and developed country I am sure that all the perpetrators will go scotfree to continue and propagate their indecency to generations to come.

  16. 16 vikas

    Shame to INDIA ——as it is not able to punish them.(I am an indian)
    Shame Shame to HINDUISM——-for having so many castes and supportinag a lot of discrimination(I am a Hindu and I am from UpperCaste.)
    I now feel ashamed to be a Hindu.

  17. 17 vikas

    My sincere suggestion to that Bhaiyyalal, if any of u can convey him:—-

    “You have lost your everything. So dont wait for anything.
    The best u can do is take a weapon, hunt for those who have ruined ur family.Hunt by hiding yourself.
    Hunt in such a way, until you end, that no one else in future should date to commit suct a thing.

    Take this serious. think about this.evryeone, you, you family memberswho r with God now, ur relatives, the form members will be happy if u do that.

    I strongly encourage every dalit who face such instances to instantly revolt. kick them back right there.let things happen after that.
    Remember that if you from lowercaste keep a case on the uppercaste people , they will be immediately arrested , on the spot.”

    Discussing,debating , wont help u much

  18. 18 snehal

    i am from mumbai,if indian govt not able to punished the people who has done this Massacred then it will be shame no your politition.the people who has done this should be hang till death.
    Kherlanji Buddhist family,has lost there everything and the people who is responsible for this is alive,why invistigation team are not able to search them
    till now.

  19. 19 Nagsen

    I am from bangalore, goverment should have to provide protection to minorities in india otherwise a day is not far when this people will take AK 47 in their hand to protect themselves.
    we should have to think now or in future it may couse damage to the inigrity of our nation.

  20. We were shocked after hearing this incidennt. everyone was celebrating golden years of Dhamma Chakra Pravartan din samaroh at dikha bhoomi.
    we all unitedly formed the youth for justice immediatley on the very next day and started protest by peaceful demonstrations. the residents of that village Kherlanji i think do not belong to uppercaste. they all are OBCs and these OBCs are forced to do by the uppercaste conspirators. our motto should to identify such real culprits who stands behind such inhumane activities. THe conspirators main aim is to make a wide gap among the backward class. they do not want that peoples should educate from these OBCs and such persons can easily get instigated. our one such movement should to make all these bahujans one united class and then nobody will dare to rule us cry us massacre us…

    Real Ambedkarite and Budhhist will never remain aside of these movements. I hope they will help us by all three M Muscle, Money and Mind

  21. 21 ratnadeep

    dear bhaiyyalal
    really it is inhumanity,u lost evrything , so dont scared and hunt that people who ruined and punesh him ,all community be always with u .

  22. 22 prajwala

    Why didnt RSS leaders condemn this incident? Do those who feel proud of being Hindus identify themselves with the OBCs of Kharlanji? Did the glorification of Akku Yadav incident in Nagpur encourage such incidents of brutal killings in public?
    We Bahujans owe the responsibility of building up a state of law and a peacefull society based on preachings of Buddha. Outburst of dalits in the protests is very rational. Surekha and Priyanka first are women and then Dalits hence I as a woman condemn the above incident.

  23. 23 Sandeep Jagtap

    Slap the face of the one who told in Durban Conference that there is no casteism in India. In India at every corner, we could face it Kherlanji is one of it.

    With great shock & concern for unimaginable atrocities, abuse, torture, humiliation on Scheduled Caste (formerly untouchables), Scheduled Tribes, Buddhists (formerly Scheduled Caste) in India, we would like to invite your kind personal attention towards Human Rights violations in India based on caste and descent.

    A recent incident of Massacre of four members of a Buddhist family (formerly untouchables in Hindu Society) in Village-kherlanji, Taluka-Mohadi, District-Bhandara (Maharashtra State) India on 29th Sept. 2006. Mrs. Surekha Bhotmange and her one daughter and two sons aged between 17 to 21 years were dragged from their home, stripped naked, paraded, gang raped and brutally massacred on 29th September 2006 at Kherlanji village by 300 strong upper caste landlords of the village just to punish and teach them lesson as they were the witness of Human Rights violation cases of one of their relative. This has happened as Bhotmange family were living peacefully but refused to bog down in front of upper castes. There were only 3 families of Buddhist (formerly untouchables) in the village of 181 families.

    The main Culprits are still at large and powerful politicians are shielding the criminals. The lone survivor father Mr. Bhayyalal has been given paltry Rs.4.5 lakhs (10000 USD approx.) by the State Government as compensation. There are about 1200 villages in the district of Bhandara and most of them have minority population of Buddhist (formerly untouchables) Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribal who are at the mercy of upper caste.

    In India on a average 35000 crimes are registered annually for atrocities on Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (formerly untouchables). In only 2.31% cases criminals are convicted and 97.69% cases, criminals go scot-free. Latest report by National Commission for SC/ST and police record published by Union Social Justice and Empowerment. Ministry is alarming.

    Not all crimes based on caste and descent are registered. Only one out of thousand crimes are reported and registered. Thus, India has become the hub of greatest human rights violations which needs the immediate attention of Civil Society.

    It is also a matter of great concern that more than 200 thousand atrocity cases of Caste system are pending for trial in various courts in the country out of which about 10% cases are of rape and murders. This means that nearly 20000 rape and murder cases of untouchables (Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Buddhists) are pending with courts and there is hardly any effort by any agency to bring to the justice the perpetrators of atrocities.

    India, a casteist country want, casteism for another 10 centuries to come. This country think that indigeneous people are born only to serve them there womens are born only to satisfied their sextual needs.

    See no one is comming to help us. we ourself has to fight against casteism, we don’t have to rely on our leader who are now become slaves of CONGRESS and RASHTRAVADI. My question to all of them such inhuman Massacre of Buddhist has taken place and it is more than 1 and half month but all our buddhist leaders still remain attached to Congress and Rashtravati directly and undirectly this is shame for all of our leader. neither Chandrakant Hondore nor Ramdas athawale, nor eknath Gaikwad. We all should teach them a lesson, which they would not forget for centuries to come.

    I salute the job of, Ambedkar Center for Justice and Peace and various social organisation that have shown our power to Maharashtra Government, which was woking as a shelter for the culprit and this reflect their casteist nature and this is in the mind of the entire Buddhist community that the Maharashtra Government is not with us who were constantly taking the name of Phule, Shahu and Ambedkar. I Think now we should not allow congress and Rashtravadi to use the Poster of Ambedkar, Phule and Shahu. We should arrange a rally where we could condemn their act by MASS SPITING (THUKNE) on the poster of Vilas Deshmukh (Chief Minister), R.R.Patil (Home Minister), IG etc.

  24. 24 Bhushan

    whatever has happened in khailangee is really inhuman. but is it logical to associate the incidence to caste atrocity? I feel NO. whenever a dalit is involved in some atrocity, the media projects as if it is because of castisism. but have you ever read a teli or a sonar or a kunbi or a kalar is raped? does it mean that OBCs are not being raped? my point is Is it necessary to metion DALIT when a dalit is atrocized? if yes then why not for other castes also? i think the oppressor does’t bother to verify the caste of the oppresse. we should take the incidence on humanatarian groud without bring into caste, religion, reservation, country etc.

    Bhushan Dhabekar

  25. 25 sreelatha

    Far beyond what words can express,

    Humanity is put to question on the Final Judgement Day.I believe even God will be shivering in digust for having created such category of uncouth creatures, coz they shall never even qualify for animals, forget humans .

    Time and again, caste and creed has evoked tremors at the cost of innocent lives been slain ruthlessly.Kherlanji is yet another case where there live misanthropic Satans.

    Its high time to wake up..a National Awakening..where the whole nation has to fight back and electrocute the accused without any signs of mercy.

    India should never breed such atrocities.
    Jai Hind.


  26. Dear Bhushan,
    1.Can you please read Atrocitynews thru, and reply back if we have ever mentioned name of any caste anywhere?
    2. The Name of caste only comes in a Press release by VJAS run by Manoj Tiwari (caste?)
    3. Only killing or rape is not an atrocty. Inferior Social behavior when attached to such attacks does contribute to Atrocity. Read ‘social boycott in bijapur’ and ‘Atrocity Act’ throughly.
    4. If you can reveal any statistics on all India level that indicates Dalits are real oppressors not kunbi-kalar-teli, count us in for the fight for dignity and equality. But unfortunately for such studies/ statistics you will have to visit Dalit-huts in rural and Urban India, talk to people-understand their problems. Which is quite cumbersome task but we assure you the travelling expenses, would you like to take up this assignment?
    5. Please consult highly learned OBC activists like retired H.C judge Kolse Patil or Nagesh Chaudhary or M.M Deshmukh on Dalit movement & its relevance to social democracy in India before pelting stones on Dalits. India badly needs more and more learned hardcore human right activist among OBC`s. We request you to take up this challenge for your own community, if they are suffering lets potray their sufferings in front of world (whoever suffers is Dalit), lets do it together, come lets work full time.

  27. 27 Bhushan

    Dear Atrocitynews,
    1. It is a fact that the media (not necessarily your site) projects any atrocity on a dalit as if it is because of castisism.
    2. the terms like SCs, STs, upper caste, untouchables, buddhists are quite common on your site. even somebody brings in reservation into picture, i don’t understand why?
    3. I agree.
    4. yes i also want to have such data. the idea of offering me travelling expenses to find out the statistics is quite childish. no indivisual can do this job. it is quite a huge task and has to done very carefully. it is not a job of an indivisual, it is a job of an organization.
    5. you wrote “India badly needs more and more learned hardcore human right activist among OBC`s”. why among OBC’s? why do you want to stress community all the time? why didn’t you wrote simply “India badly needs more and more learned hardcore human right activist” ?
    that is my objection. you too are spreading castisism in this manner. The caste system can not be killed like that. i think we should look at this incidence in a broader perspective, forgetting about caste, religion etc. i can never digest the view that the incidence happened just because the victims are from some particular caste or religion. I repeat again, an oppresser never bothers the verify the caste or religion of the victim.

  28. Dear Bhushan,
    SC,ST,OBC and untouchables are Constitutional terminologies(article 330,340,17,).Y? for socio-politioc-historical reasons refer Constitutional debates. Also SC,ST,OBC is not a cast but its a classification. However we agree that cast is everyday reality in India, people still marry within their castes. Whatever, we are happy to learn your interest in fight for universal Human Rights for broken people, we are with you in your fight full time !

  29. 29 Kisan

    Dear Bhushan,
    Do electronic n print media really bother about atrocities on Dalits ? Jessica Lal murder case was reopened only because of pressure from media. But the same media did not bother to report the brutal gang rape on Priyanka in their News channel for a month. Some secular criminals might not verify the caste of victims before raping them but in this particular case the daughter and mother were raped only because they belonged to a particular caste and the castists people wanted to teach lesson to them. Similarly all rapes and mass killing in Gujarat by the communal people were committed only after verifying their religion. certainly those who believe in human values and dignity should rise above caste and religion.But caste in India is deep rooted in our minds. This can be proved from the behaviour of media.

  30. 30 Suhas Yadav

    This is grusome incident. So called upper castes suppressed Dalit`s and Baujan people. Till their mindset has not changed. In urban area they can`t kill you directly. So they try to harras lpwer caste colleuges @ workplace. They show their real colours whenever they got apportunity. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh depicts themselves as Hindu Organisation but in real life so called Swayamsevks always fight for cause of Brahmins. Common Brahmins thought RSS as their organisation and not Hindu Orgna\isation. So until Hindus are not ready for power sharing with lower caste people such incident will occur after regular inetrvals.

  31. 31 sanjay dongre, romania

    the words are not enough to express what happened in khairlanje. i was really thinking , the citizens of khairlanje are really human beings or ANIMALS? HOW COULD THEY DID IT?
    we are not doing it to animals even. its really disgusting.
    i can’t express my feeling, its beyond imagination. but justice must be given to the victim’s family. criminals must go behind the BAR & justice must be given to humanity.
    the only solution is to remove castism from indian society & even by the law.
    the law makers must introduce new strong laws like in case of terrorist . they must look in to this matter like national security.
    in the western countries laws are same for every citizen wheather he is belong to any religion. thats why there is no unrest in the western india we have many domestic problems.
    it is the only country that we have different laws for muslims than hindus. it is so absurd.
    and now , in the 21st century this kind of shameful things are happening.
    how can we say that , MERA BHARAT MAHAN.

  32. Adoption of Buddhism by many people over last one year is emerging as a trend towards fast spread of Buddhism in India. Obviously, the Hindu community and their organisations like RSS are loosing their sleeps. The Brahmins are now going to loose their grip on Hindu people in India. They are more bothered by the idea that if masses from India convert to Buddhism then their incomes from Temples will dry drastically and ultimately affect their economical future. In order to create unstable and unsecured situation for Buddhist and other backward caste citizens of India, these are systematic methods of creating unstable situation in India.

    If one studies the history of our country, you will find that in the year 1935 Dr Ambedkar had announced that even if he was born as Hindu, he will not die as a Hindu. That means between 1935 and 1956 there was a period of over two decades passed. This period was allowed by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar to Hindu people to set right their house and observe equality within the followers of the Hindu religion. But no action was taken by the Hindu leaders to establish the equality within the Hindu religion. Hindu leaders never woke up and even today there is no equality amongst the Hindu religion followers. The foundation of Hindu Religion is based on in-equality. Just because somebody is born as Brahmin he is supreme in the hierarchy in the religion. The entire Hinduism is based on the Chaturverna System and capability of the individual has no importance in Hinduism. A lower caste person cannot become a priest in Hindu temple. If you are reading news paper, the lower Hindu caste people are not allowed in the temple at Puri in Orissa even today.

    When even after two decade the Hindu leaders did not initiate any reform in Hinduism for equality, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar embraced Buddhism on 14th October 1956 at Nagpur. I think this is a unique phenomenon in the world where more than 5 lakhs people changed religion at one single event. It was not a political stunt. It was the wisest decision taken by the one of the most brilliant citizen of India.

    Today I cannot even imagine how people can call themselves as Hindu when only Brahmin are superior to everybody in Hinduism religion. There is no equality amongst the members of the same religion. What kind of religion it is?

    Now RSS is making a farce by initiating action to appoint a lower class person as priest in the various temples. Will it be acceptable to you, if you are a Brahmin?

    Nobody can stop the masses of this country to become Buddhist now. It is just a matter of time, you will find all Bhaujans of this country (who are 85%) embracing to Buddhism in our life time.

    Most of the political parties, including RPI, are not responding in very strongly to the incidents as they are more bother for political relations then to the injustices to the people. Now the question is are we safe in India?

    What action Govt is going to initiate so that Kherlanji kind of incidences are not repeated in India?

    What is wrong if people are demanding resignation of the Home Ministers of Maharashtra who calls the people as Nakashlites when they are fighting for justice?

    We need to wake up and build a new India.

  33. 33 Ravi Shankar

    Its sad to say no body can see the malicious attempt to defame Hindu religion by painting a case of property dispute in caste colours.This is case is just a case of property dispute.The atrocites have been exaggerated and even they haven’t refrained form maligning the character of upper caste women.Just a dalit propaganda to grab more quota and subsidies and privileges.We call them harijans but
    these people prefer to call themselves dalits.

  34. Dear Ravishankar,
    1. No maligning exercise on Atrocitynews-The reports or news published on Atrocitynews are made either by independent Social groups or by Print Media, those do not command any stakes in politics. For example, the report on the top is published by Vidharbha Jan Andolan Samiti, headed by ManojTiwari. It suggests that we do not take any stand, let people decide what is good & what is bad. However we are more concerned about human values like equality, fraternity and liberty . We apprecite any religio-social framework that is primarily based on these human values!
    2.On quotas- We do not campaign for quotas on Atrocitynews, we are here only to build India, a Nation free of caste hatred. We encourage to go deep in the problem, idetify it and thenfind very creative solutions like Atrocityhelpline that should be within constitutional framework. We stand with your creative ideas in this area.
    3.On harijan & dalits – We already clarified that Dalit is a word used to connote a lot which is into tremendous social suffering irrespctive of caste, creed , region or religion.It is not a brand attached to any caste. For a case, if you and your family is suffering from social injustice from ages ,you can be called dalit. Unlike Harijans, which means sons of Hari, that brings in again a religion and a brand.
    Lastly dont forget caste virus is 2500 years old. Our life is max. 100 years, lets focus on how can we remove it in this life time and make our lives happy & peaceful.

  35. This shows wats happenning in our country.. only we can make a differece.. for all those who are redaing this think that only we-the young guns of india can do sumething about this brutality..

  36. 36 Jaywant Chavan

    Really this is a shameful act for us .
    But this thing is because we are not united .
    That is why these people can dare to do that .
    Because they know that these people have no support .
    Babasaheb said that no one dares to touch a muslim family even if it is alone in a village as they have support from
    other muslim countries .
    And also all their relatives will die for them .
    This has happed just because we don’t have unity amng us.

    We should have some organisation who can train the young ones who can defend them selves .
    We should not wait for the government because they will never do any thing for us we have to do it ourself .

    Jai Bhim

  37. 37 Pratap Gaikwad

    A highly condemnable,shamefull act of the so called Hindus,should be hanged in public even the govt should resign by taking the resp and enquiry to be handed over to CBI.

  38. Really this is a shameful act for us .
    But this thing is because we are not united .
    That is why these people can dare to do that .
    Because they know that these people have no support .
    Babasaheb said that no one dares to touch a muslim family even if it is alone in a village as they have support from
    other muslim countries .
    And also all their relatives will die for them .
    This has happed just because we don’t have unity amng us.

    We should have some organisation who can train the young ones who can defend them selves .
    We should not wait for the government because they will never do any thing for us we have to do it ourself .

  39. 39 Laxmi Bobade

    The bastards should be equally punished. tit for tat. They are never going to behave human, they thinks it is their right to do such acts, these cowards who should their power on women and helpless chidren , should be kicked by all people in the country if they are not punished by law, infact whatever punishment law gives may not be sufficient for these bastards.It is shame for the country who cannot protect the people of this country, lets acts towards self defence, it is high time that all ladies from dalit samaj should be given training to protect themselves first hand. I salute Mrs. Bhotmange for such a great courage against these bastards. We have to make sure that her effort does not go waste.

  40. 40 Virendra

    It’s very inhuman. All the accused should be hanged till death.

  41. All the human being of all caste, creeds, cultures, societies, religions or any other faiths or beliefs must at this science age realise that we are not insects, birds, animals who are not having much mental calibre. We human being should not behave like insects, birds, animals, but we should at least realise and use the principles of Equality, Justice, Liberty and Fraternity as enshrined in the Constitution of India. Bloodshed, killings in the name of religion, castes is not expected from a normal mental conscious human-beings. In India, all should be enlightened and is expected since last 60 years to accept the World Largest Democratic principles which even were about 2500 years during the time of Gautam Buddha. Honorably, we all Indians and the World Community should salute the Father of Indian Constitution Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar for his written Indian Constitution and live all with peace, satisfaction and amity.

  42. 42 rajesh

    people like u never want to accept reality and thus becoming a part of those casteist hindus who are spreading terrors and still comes out scott free, because of people like you, you do not want to see what truth is. this is going to be a dangerous trend among urbanised indian youths.

  43. 43 kailas n.Bawane rajur

    The ividence that occur in khairlanje is very shameful to whole indian society.The people involved in this atrocity,were rss minded.I Condemning of this atrocity.The people who are responcible for this act must be hanged.but the mind behind this act that(rss) people must be hanged.

  44. 44 prajwala

    Dear Bhushan & Atrocity News,
    In the debate Dalit versus Hindus are we forgeting that a women may she be a brahmin is nothing but a dalit? Atrocity on a woman like Surekha who dared to fight for the rights of her family, or a woman like Priyanka Mattoo who fought for her own dignity has to face the same consequence here. Discrimination against women,concept very much a part & parcel of Hindu religion, has become a character of Indians. Women participating or supporting the upper caste men in the village khairlanji are nothing but the ‘carriers’ of the above said concept. They are ofcourse guilty and liable to be punished.

  45. 45 rajesh

    dear prajwala,
    you have made a right remark that women are going to suffer whether it’s from dalit or upper caste, but at the same time you are forgetting that many women belonging to the upper caste are spreading such wrong ideology ,without realising that in hindu religion situation of both dalit and women are same.

  46. 46 Suresh Sridharan

    These persons should be brutually killed in front of the people. Peoples already lost the confidence in law n order and government proves that again.

  47. 47 kedar

    this villege should be penalise en mass
    villege I am ashamed to be an indian.
    at a same time the violence has been condem
    where are all dalit leaders in states and cin delhi??
    what have they done in last two months??
    dont condemn electronic media. electronic media is a crap
    they dont want serious news only timepass masala news.
    dont blame all things happens to branhin and rss
    what dod congress and rastrawadi done ????
    only get votes on the name of ambedkar and phule.
    and all dalit leaders who are mla and mps no one hears about them any thing about this incident.

  48. 48 Dr.Rajesh Gamare

    This is shocking…I have been living in Mumbai and then UK.Places where casteism is a rarity.And when I see these news of barbarism in the name of caste,oh dear….In which era these people are still leaving?
    It is a Shame for so called upcoming Indian Democracy.

  49. this barsted still they living in stonage where their highcast hindus”thounds of gods recomnd this shamefull masacar

  50. 50 Sanket Kashid

    it was such an inhuman act, but no need to amend SC/ST prevention of atrocities act, just need to implement it properly…..

  51. 51 prashanthb

    this idotic blog is not nice. all of you please hound this page and give a fitting reply about babasaheb

  52. 52 prashanthb

    where are those youth for equality

  53. 53 prashanthb

    people like bhushan and ravi sankar refuse to see it from the caste angle and it is a dangerous trend among urban youth. because the victims were from low class they were treated like flies and mosquitoes.if they were from higher class a small fight would have ensued and that would be the end because the mainstream media would have come out full force in support of them.

  54. 54 praveena

    Nenju porukuthillayae intha nilai ketta maanidaral…
    These persons no no these animals should be killed. No use of any discussions…

  55. I am responding to Bhushan’s posted on Nov. 14.
    Yes, it is logical to associate the incident to caste atrocity. As an strocity against dalit.

    Indian society is through and through a caste society. Hinduism, shorn of all its mysticism is nothing but caste laws, and laws against women.

    And in this caste system, of heirarchy–like a ladder–there is brahmin at the top and dalit at the bottom, with all other castes, including BCs in the middle. There is no caste higher than brahmin and there is no community lower than dalit. This is very important, because without these two extremes — brahmin at one end and dalit at the other–the ideolgy of caste collpases. A ladder cannot exist without the top and the bottom. This is the reason a brahmin is utterly revered (more than those castes that have land and money who should logically get the highest status) and a dalit is utterly despised (even though there are many tribals who are worse off than dalits).

    This is top and bottom is very important for caste idealogy.
    That is why even though there are terrible atrocities perpetrated against backward castes, muslims, and women, the prototype of all these atrocities is atrocities against dalits.

    This does not mean–I am saying this, please TAKE A NOTE– to minimize the atrocities on other groups can be condoned. This does not mean that backward castes are any less oppressed. And when an atrocity happens against BCs, then it must be publicized as must as an atrocity against a dalit.

    But to say that just because BC attocities don’t get press means that dalits also should not get press is not a good way.

    The other important thing is, there are many BCs. And many of them live in poverty and under oppression. But there are also some BCs who own land, and are the dominant caste in some regions.
    But there is no single village in entire India, in fact, in the entire subcontinent–India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, which has a dalit landlord. There is no village you can find where dalits living inside the village. They all live seggregated, outside.

    This is what I meant by dalit oppression is the prototype of all caste oppression.

    Most importantly, in the instances, and in villages where OBCs are landlords, they are not oppressed.
    But at the same time, in the villages where they are minority and poor they are very much oppressed and atrocities are committed against them.

    So how can we explain that their bakward caste status is the reason they are oppressed? So why in Kherlanji the BCs are the oppressors and not the oppressed?
    The answer to this question is the crux of the matter. It is the land question.
    Where BCs have land they are the oppressors.
    Where BCs don’t have land they are the oppressed.


    But this law does not apply to dalits. Whether they have land or not does not matter. They will always be treated as less than a caste Hindu, whether it is brahmin or BC.

    Dalits and landless BCs have something in common. But dalits have nothing in common with landlord BCs.

  56. 56 suryawanshi sanjay

    first of all it a very shocking why not arrested original accused mla from bjp main bloody murdered of kherlanji
    govt. of maharashtra set a inquiry committee on this issue and its hand over to cbi. home minister mr. r.r. patil said the buddhist community protesters of kherlanji issues is a terrrists and immeidiately resigned from home ministry

    give the justice to all buddshit community

  57. 57 YOGESH


  58. 58 Abid

    After reading through all this I just feel a kind of shock and disbelief… and it is indeed despisable that people post threads in these kinds of forums which are out of touch with ground reality… lets forget about all the egalitarian bull@#$%^ for a second folks. and I have absolutely no idea of what utopia are ppl like bhushan are talking about… well, i don’t find anything wrong even if the whole issue got coverage just because of the fact that the victims were of lower caste. The crux lies in the fact that these kinds of inhuman acts wud have never taken place with any caste or creed other than Dalits and Muslims. Well, casteism is a reality. Lets just open our eyes and acknowledge that it is deeprooted even in the minds of those harpers of egalitarianism. And yes, I do fully applaud forums like these championing the cause of minorities because no one else does it for them. Guys, wake up, minorties do need oyur support. We can’t just fake and say that “all humans are equal”. Its a myth. Pragmatically, since the ones who are supposed to care for the ppl, ( administratio, poliiticians, law enforcing agencies et al. ) systematically ditch minorities after playing the number game, the minorities NEED SPECIAL ATTENTION.

    But , we also need to know that it is not ppl like u and me on this side of the digital divide who shud be targeted with these kinds of activities. Trust me, 99% of the ppl in metros and reasonably developed urban areas have no idea about the caste divide in the rural areas, especially in North India. So if we really want to make a difference, the path will start at some non descript hamlet in the heartlands of the country. It wud be great if someone takes up this job!

    Jai Hind!

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